Learn about the results of JROTC’s previous national competition

Out of 47 teams from across the nation, the girls Queen’s Guard Drill Team and the boys Black Watch Drill Team gave it their all after participating in the Army JROTC Nationals competition in Louisville, Kentucky from Friday, March 31 to Sunday, April 2.

  “I’m extremely pleased and proud of the team,“ JROTC Army Instructor William Parr said.

  The girls did not go into this competition thinking they would do so well.

  “The Queen’s Guard drill team hasn’t competed at this level in five years, but we ended up getting fourth in the nation,” sophomore Madison Wallace said.

  The girls finished just 12 points shy from third place.

  “At first, missing third place by 12 points was extremely frustrating, but then we realized how there wasn’t even a team in the last five years; we should be proud of how we did,” Wallace said.

  The girls weren’t the only ones who succeeded from this competition.

  “The boys were 27 of 47 schools, and based on the tough competition, I think they did extremely well,” Parr said.

  The boys feel different about the results of nationals.

  “I think we could have done much better, but I’m proud of the team due to how we stay strong and keep our eyes on the goal,” freshman Brandon Kwon said.

  Both teams are determined to improve for next year’s competition.

  “We know what it takes to get to Army Nationals, and we will practice harder than [ever] before,” Wallace said. By Bella Bar-Yadin

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