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Book prices will increase at the end April

Yearbooks are being sold for $85 now until Friday, April 28. After this, yearbooks will be $90 until Friday, May 12. Yearbooks will increase to $100 on Saturday, May 12. Go to Journalism teacher Dolores Caamano room B115 to purchase a yearbook via check or cash. To purchase a yearbook with a credit card or debit card, go to at yearbookforever.com.

  Caamano has a specific reason why she increases prices throughout the year. That debt could bankrupt the journalism budget.

  “It’s all about money, so for example, if we have 1,000 books ordered, and let’s say we only sell 600 presales, if we don’t sell those other 400 books, we get stuck with that bill,” Caamano said. “So if you want to think about it, the price was originally $70 so multiply that by 400. That’s like $28,000 that I could possibly be left with if I don’t sell the remainder of those books.” “I have to charge more because I have to compensate for those 400 books that might not get sold, so it’s all about making sure I don’t bankrupt my program.”

 Caamano says students should buy yearbooks in August instead of at the end of the school year.

“The best time to buy a yearbook is in August during prep days because that’s where they’re the cheapest, and I also usually give some type of discount, so for example, this past year, I gave away a free name stamp, which is a $10 value, so really they got their yearbook for $60 if they bought it in August,“ Caamano said. Yearbooks will be distributed Thursday, May 18 during all lunches. By Savannah Sevilla

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