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Don’t forget to vote for next years’ prime and speaker representatives

Although elections for representatives ended Tuesday, April 4, prime and speaker elections begin Friday, April 8, and winners will be announced in two days on Thursday, April 20.

“What happens here is the 50-50 draw,”  Parliament Sponsor Chassie Bently said. “50 percent of the vote is from Parliament and the school votes, and to be honest with you, last year, the school vote is what chose the prime and speaker.”

With every new year comes a new set of student representatives to make up Parliament.

“Parliament is student council,” junior Lauren Jones said. “Basically, we do tasks around the school to make it a more enjoyable place.”

Parliament helps out with student activities such as the annual Homecoming dance, teacher appreciation events, as well as sporting events, student involvement, fundraisers, charity work, and teacher luncheons.

“Parliament has accomplished a lot this year,” senior Sophie Cantu said. “It has raised money for different organizations as well as put on different events for teachers and students.”

One of parliament’s main goals for next year is to uphold and improve school spirit and to get more involved in charity work.
“Parliament hopes to introduce new project ideas and to enhance school spirit,” Cantu said. 

Sophomore Reps – Aidan Sowry, Carolina Vera, Cody Huynh, Iliana Cantu, Joshua Roper, Mackenzie Read, Parker Hurley, Ryan Roper, Stanley Negley, Stephanie McBurnett and Zachary Sanders

Junior Reps – Ava Banda, Faith Allen, GeorgeAnna Hurley, Jordan Wolf, Lindsey Jendrusch, Madison Wallace and Seth Barnett.
Senior Reps – Ainslee Harrison, Caroline Dreggors, Christopher Roper, David Winkley, Emma Isenhart, Jim Foster, Kyle Gibbons, McCann Turner, Rachel Hutto, Robert King, Ryan Booth and Sam Serchay. By Victoria Machado

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