Shooting Stars

Special Olympic basketball team takes on faculty

The annual ALE vs. Faculty Basketball game will take place on Wednesday, April 26. It starts at 4:30 and tickets will be sold at the door.

“Everyone is welcome to the game,” junior and SMILE club president Mason Harty said. “The more people, the more motivation is given to the students to do their best.”

The basketball game is an event that is held each year by the school’s very own SMILE club.

“The past few years . . . the game has not only been so much fun but also made a positive impact on me,” Harty said. “[It was cool] seeing everyone from teachers, principal, students, and our great spirit groups cheering these awesome students and making the idea of inclusion come true.”

Volunteers to play and help get ready are still welcome. Faculty who wish to participate should contact Special Olympics Coach Elizabeth Waugh at ewaugh@neisd.net with their shirt size. By Alejandro Echevarria

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