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Shakespeare’s legacy continues with a celebration next week

Chargers will have a chance to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday with a festival tomorrow, April 25. The festival will be held in the library during all three lunches and will feature many activities that relate to the time period.

“We have all these different activities, so they can see the fun side of Shakespeare as opposed to ‘I’m gonna tell you what it all means,’” English teacher Susan Mann said. “We’ll have a trivia station, people dressed up and walking around as Queen Elizabeth and her court, so if somebody speaks to them, they’ll have an idea of how life was like back then, and someone will portray Hamlet and will be giving advice.”

Although the library seems like a small place to throw a festival, Librarian Charlotte Gustafson has it all worked out.

“There’s going to be different stations at tables for all the different activities that are related to Shakespeare or the times of Shakespeare, and people will be able to walk around and participate in different stations,” Gustafson said.
This year, Mann is hoping for a bigger outcome than last year.

“I’m hoping we get a bigger turnout,” Mann said. “I hope we just get students having fun with it. Maybe more people will bring costumes and walk around and just say ‘Oh well that’s fun!’ and come in and give it a shot, and it won’t just be the same group of people kind of thing.” By Madison Diaz

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