Auditions are coming

Although the school year is coming to an end and everyone becomes more relaxed, the orchestra students stress over their upcoming orchestra auditions that will determine their future in orchestra for the upcoming fall.

Sophomore Ian Kirk is starting to worry as his audition date comes closer into sight.

“I don’t know if it seems harder,” Kirk said.” I have only been here one year, but it kinda seems that way.”

All of orchestra has been working really hard to get into the orchestra they deserve next year.

“Orchestra five is obsessed with their instruments,” Kirk said. “It’s okay for them, but I’m not that kind of person. I’m aiming for orchestra four.”

Freshman Aeneas Arellano hopes for the best as he walks into the audition with his head held high.

“I’m pretty confident,” Arellano said. “I got a one at state solo and ensemble, so I feel pretty good.”

In all this chaos, orchestra director Amy Rabago has kept her cool and confidence in her students that they will live up to their potential.

“The students that deserve to be there [orchestra five] will be there,” Rabago said. “I’m confident in them that they will do well.” By Wendi Smith

LAST MINUTE PRACTICE: Sophomore Ian Kirk practices his violin in the orchestra room on Tuesday, May 30 hoping to get a few extra minutes of practice before his audition. “Orchestra seems to be getting harder and harder each year,” Kirk said. “It’s like they are making it more of a job.” PHOTO BY WENDI SMITH




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