Choir Banquet

The Choir Banquet is an all formal event and has a fancy dinner for all the choir students meet up. Get your dresses ready and tuxedo’s dry cleaned because the banquet is approaching on May 25,2018.

Sophomore, Victoria Castaneda, will be attending this exclusive event along with her fellow choir classmates and we would like to know how they prepared for this.

“We don’t exactly prepare, but for one day in class we vote for candidates for awards they will be receiving,” Castaneda said.

The Choir Banquet has been going on for a few good years and this will be the first time for some people. Freshman Mia Valdez will be attending choir banquet for the first time.

“My first choir banquet will be great. I just know it, like I’ve done so much hard work for choir and I’m positive this will be a good turn out.”

Everyone has to look their best at a banquet and we know choir students can have outstanding outfits along with their performance. Dress to impress is the key for most of the choir students even to sophomore, Margret Josephson.

“Finding a good outfit does have its ups and downs but in the end, you find the right fit for the event. My outfit contains of a dress and high heels.”

The choir banquet should be a blast full of fun. With all these cool and unique styles the students bring will definitely brighten up this event.


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