Get Out the Vote!

Early voting has finally started! Although it is too late to register to vote, students who have already registered should take this election seriously and visit the polls. This year, the seats that are up for grabs in our government include the House of Representatives, our junior senator, our governor, attorney general, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge, various state commissioners, and our Texas Congress. All of these will be voted during this year’s midterm elections. It is important to know that early voting is happening until November 2nd. With early voting, you can stop by any polling location until 6 P.M. During election day on November 6th, you must go to your assigned polling area, which varies by where you live. You can find this location by a quick Google search. The Bexar County website also provides this information. At a time like this, students should be using their vote. According to the Pew Research Center, Americans 65 or older was reported to have the highest voter turnout, with 70.9%, compared to ages 18 to 29 with the lowest at 46.1%. However, it is important that we don’t let older generations decide our future, which is why we can only change it if we get out and vote. Before students go out to vote, make sure to do some research on candidates. It does take a while, but it is extremely worth it, because you will be more educated on who your future representatives are. Don’t forget, the young people will win.

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