Tis’ the holiday gift ideas

The holidays are a time with all the traditions, families around each other, and the warm feelings the holiday brings. But when it comes to holiday gifts, trying to get it all done is a hassle. Here is a list of simple gifts that will always be in stores.


Spice up your home, classroom, bedroom, or office. Candles are amazing gifts to give for the holidays to anyone. Not only do candles smell good, but they also give your home a touch of simplicity. Candles come in all scents and are in almost all stores for the holiday.



Go back in time with your pictures! Polaroids are the best gifts for any picture lovers. You can pick many types of film and write little notes of the bottoms of them. This gift is in almost everywhere, like Walmart and Office Depot, and comes in so many colors.

You can check off “best gift giver” for Christmas.


Perfume or Lotion

Another great holiday gift is Perfume and Lotion. You can get this anywhere and in almost every scent. Lotion make a perfect gift for both men and women along with cologne / perfume.


To “wrap” it all these gift ideas, you can make it all in one run. Many stores like Walmart and HEB carry these gifts all the time. Have a great Holiday season and knock off your Holiday shopping now!



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