Silent Game Night

Yesterday, the ASL club had their second meeting. The first meeting was mainly for introductions and to discuss club funds as well as what the club entails. Students that know sign as well as students that don’t know any sign went to the meeting, with the hope of raising awareness for those that use ASL daily. This second club meeting though was purely for bonding and fun. A silent game night is exactly what it sounds like; you play board games such as Monopoly, Trouble, Battleship, etc. but you try to talk as little as possible. Instead, you sign to the people playing the games with you, which can be a challenge for those that don’t know sign. With that said, for most games, you only need to know the ASL alphabet to get your message across.

It’s honestly quite amazing all of the clubs that our wonderful campus offers. Clubs like Gay – Straight Alliance, unity, and even ASL provide a safe space for Churchill students. They have a place to go after school where they can hang out with people with similar interests and backgrounds. Our school is extremely lucky to have such a diverse student body, and so many students that are interested in making everyone feel included.

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