Cross Country Team Holds Annual 5K Fundraiser

The Churchill cross country team held their annual 5K Fun Run fundraiser on Friday, August 30 at Walker Ranch Park. The race brought together not only runners from the cross country team and their families, but runners from around the city and the Churchill faculty, as well.

“My favorite part was definitely seeing so many people out there, especially seeing teachers out there supporting our team,” cross country team member and varsity captain Larissa Hernandez said. “It’s just our way of getting everyone out there and hyping up cross country season.”

The race consisted of a 3.1 mile route through Walker Ranch Park that almost reaches Hardberger Park. Runners of multiple ages competed; spectators came to encourage the runners.

“I think the 5K is important because you get community involvement, and there was a lot of people who even told me that they will always support a school run,” cross country and track head coach Kelly Ragsdale said. “They love that we are one of the only schools that put on a 5K.”

The funds from the 5K are used to buy equipment for the cross country team.

“The 5K fundraiser allows us to buy gear, uniforms, rollers that we need for recovery, it’s really essential to us performing well as a team,” cross country team member and varsity captain Luke Anthony said.

In total, 180 runners raised about $3,500, but to the team, the race is so much more than just about the money.

“I’d say it’s tradition,” Anthony said. “It’s a chance to get to run one more time with past Churchill graduates and cross country alumni.”

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Jackie Michel

I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Pride for 2020-2021! I am a senior at Churchill, and, in addition to the newspaper, I run track and are on the Churchill Athletic Leadership Council.

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