Helpful Information to Tackle Senior Year

Senior year is known to be stressful. Between college applications, scholarship opportunities, and school, it can be difficult to keep up with the dates and deadlines. Here is some information that will hopefully help seniors feel a little less stressed about everything going on!

SAT Testing Dates:

IF YOU SIGNED UP, Churchill is having a SAT day on Wednesday, October 14th. Please be at the school at 9:30 am to get signed in. The test will begin at 10 a.m. and will last for about three hours. Please bring non-mechanical number two pencils, photo ID, water, a snack, and a mask. Masks are mandatory during the test; a calculator is optional.

If you did not sign up through the school, the College Board still has several test dates available that you can take to meet college deadlines. These test dates have sign-up deadlines, so visit collegeboard.org to learn more.

  • Saturday, September 26
  • Saturday, October 3
  • Saturday, November 7
  • Saturday, December 5

ACT Testing Dates:

Due to COVID-19 preventing testing from occuring in the spring and early summer, the ACT program has ramped up its testing with several dates in the fall.

  • Saturday, October 10
  • Saturday, October 17
  • Saturday, October 24
  • Sunday, October 25 

Sign up at act.org, as well as access test prep and other info!

College Deadlines:

Most colleges have more than one deadline to submit applications. There are many deadlines and ways to submit applications, called Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Decision.

What are the differences?

Early Action- You are applying ahead of the regular deadline, and will receive a decision on your acceptance earlier than other students, about 1-2 months after you apply. This will give you time to visit the campus, figure out financial aid, and have priority on housing selection. If you don’t apply Early Action, you have the Regular Decision deadline to fall back on. However, you do have to have all of your materials, such as essays, recommendations, and test scores ready early than most students. MOST Early Action deadlines for colleges are November 1.

Early Decision- You apply to the college at the same time as the Early Action deadline. They may have a specific deadline for this category, check with your specific college to make sure. This is like Early Action, but with a different level of commitment. If the college or university accepts you, they will expect you to withdraw your applications from all other colleges and commit to attend there. There is no out if you are accepted, you must attend that specific school. I WOULD NOT advise applying Early Decision to any college unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure you want to go there. Most Early Decision deadlines for colleges are November 1.

Regular Decision- You are applying at the normal application time, with most of the student body. This is the LAST CHANCE to apply to most colleges, you do not have anything to fall back on if you fail to meet this deadline. The school will send your letter of acceptance or denial within 3-4 months after you submit your application, later than if you applied Early Action. This will give you less time to visit campuses and make your final decision. However, you do have more time to perfect essays and take tests to get everything in order. The Regular Decision deadline for MOST colleges is December 1.

The general commitment day for deposits to your college is May 1. In this process, it is important to think about your decisions and figure out what is the right path and fit for you. Just because you aren’t doing what your friends are doing doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Just have a plan for when, how, and where you will apply. Here are the three big applications for colleges:





These are everywhere! Start with your first college of choice. Most colleges have some scholarships, whether given automatically due to merit or financial aid, or applied for through your degree program, an alumni association, or honors program. Visit college websites and see what the school’s offer to take full advantage of them. Next, go to the Counselor’s Corner on Churchill’s website, click “scholarships,” and browse away. This is a great resource and is organized by category, so no matter if you’re into sports, want to study business, or need financial aid, they can help. Lastly, just browse the internet. Beware of scams, but there are several good websites to help with your scholarship, and college, endeavors. Here are a few:




Your counselors are a great resource to help you through this time, as well as your parents, teachers, and friends. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the admissions counselor and/or admissions office at the colleges you are looking at. Good luck seniors!


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Jackie Michel

I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Pride for 2020-2021! I am a senior at Churchill, and, in addition to the newspaper, I run track and are on the Churchill Athletic Leadership Council.

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