The 2020 Election: Fraud or For Real?


I Believe Biden Is Our Winner

By Jackie Michel

As the 2020 election drew closer, our current president Donald Trump began to make baseless claims that mail-in voting would be fraudulent and that the Democrats would attempt to “steal” the election from him. Election Day came and went, and votes were carefully counted, especially in the most crucial states, to make sure that no suspicious activity was occurring. Despite no declaration of a winner by any major news network for days after the election, Donald Trump continued to allege fraud and declared himself the winner of the election. However, on Saturday, November 7, president elect Joe Biden was declared the winner of the election, along with his vice president elect Kamala Harris. I believe that this was the correct result of the election, and that no voter fraud occurred. 

One reason I believe this is because several of the lawsuits that Donald Trump filed were dismissed in the courts of several states. While it has been disputed that the dismissals are all part of a conspiracy by the Democrats to “steal the election,” both Republicans and Democrats watched the votes being counted, and several of the contested states were run by Republican governors. If they believed there was any voter fraud, I think they would say something. They want their candidate to win just as badly as the Democrats do, but they have enough integrity to say that no voter fraud was occurring, so the cases were dismissed.

Secondly, Not only did Joe Biden win the popular vote, he won the popular vote, and he won it with the most votes cast for any candidate in any presidential election ever. Many Trump supporters are continuing to allege that voter fraud is what caused Biden to gain so many votes, especially in states where he was at one time losing, and then gained back votes to take the state. However, many of those votes were validated mail-in ballots that many knew were going to lean heavily for Biden. Also, similarly to my first point, both Democrats and Republicans were able to watch the votes be counted, and states such as Georgia, who have Republican governors, would especially pick up on voter fraud because they would most likely be rooting for Trump to win. Though not every candidate who wins the popular vote wins the election, as evidenced in 2016, it is a good indicator of who is the true winner and who the American people want as president.

Lastly, the election took several days to be completed and have a winner declared. If there was fraud, wouldn’t the perpetrator want the election over as soon as possible to avoid people asking questions? This is what Donald Trump did the night of the election, declaring himself the winner long before all of the votes were counted. There has never been a true winner on election night, just a projected one, and we needed to wait several days for all the votes to be correctly counted. While the snail pace of the counting was annoying, it allowed for every precaution to be taken, to ensure there was no voter fraud and true correct results.

I believe that Joe Biden is our new president elect, and that no major voter fraud occurred to affect the outcome of this election. So, now we wait. We wait for Donald Trump to concede. We wait for the GOP to stand up to him. Or, if worse comes to worse, we wait for him to be removed from the White House, so our democracy can live on.

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Jackie Michel

I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Pride for 2020-2021! I am a senior at Churchill, and, in addition to the newspaper, I run track and are on the Churchill Athletic Leadership Council.

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