Soccer Scored This Past Season

After an unexpected victory over Clark the boys soccer team seemed unstoppable. Going into the next game there was a new found confidence that hadn’t been there before, but unfortunately it was quickly diminished in the first half of an exciting third round playoff game against New Branfuels on Tuesday April 5th.

The boys started out quickly with a goal from Reis Woolley scoring in the thirteenth minute. They played tough defensive to hold New Branfuels scoreless in the first half. In the second half  NB scored to tie once  gain, but less than two minutes later Christian Acala headed in a free kick from Julio Mendoza to score. The teams were evenly matched and both teams played hard but a NB player scored on a long pass to tie the game in the 68th minute. NB scored again on a controversial goal that only the referee seemed to see go across the line. With the score NB 3-2 and ten minutes left the chargers played hard and got some shots off but none went in.

The devastating loss was heart wrenching for everyone, but despite the outcome the boys put up a great fight. This season as been one to remember and everyone is looking forward to even better results next year.


Bieber: Give Him a Chance

So basically the Biebs is an inspiration to weird Canadians, (Canadian bacon. Really people? It’s just ham!) as well as us cool Americans, for obvious reasons. First off, he is the ever popular rags to riches story, which actually in my opinion is really lame. I mean why can’t someone be a little more original and do like a rich to poor thing or maybe even a story about a poor person who stayed poor? I don’t know, whatever, I still like him; I mean it’s not his fault he’s rich.

Any ways, as I was saying, this kid is like super talented, and I don’t care what you think and MAYBE he hasn’t quite matured all the way but that doesn’t mean anything! Everyone goes at their own pace, no need to judge. And just in case you’re too naïve to notice, his voice has already dropped a little! Umm, so we all know the boy is gorgeous, but now that he is sporting his new shorter ‘do I’m not so sure how to react. I mean it makes him look older and  all, but the hair flip was his signature. He’s donating the money he gets from selling his hair to charity, which seems really sweet, but who wants a piece of hair? That’s disgusting no matter whose head it came off of.

Then there is the annoying fact that he is dating Selena Gomez. I guess if it had to be someone I’m glad it’s her. And its not like she’s a bad or anything, but if they decided to take their relationship to the next level it might actually be considered against the law or something since she is a tad older but no big deal. Just thought I’d bring it up.

Despite his being amazing, we’re all human and have a few faults. His performance on Conan definitely showed that he is capable of making mistakes. I hate to bring this sensitive subject up, but it has to be done. Let’s face it, that was definitely NOT his best work. It was terribly scripted and fake and seriously, who likes peeps? Those things are worse than that valentine candy! Whatever, everyone has off days. Like that time when he just happened to get a little angry at the paparazzi on his birthday and flip them off? Its not like you’ve never done it. I mean no one is perfect and if it helps he looked cute while he was doing it!

Another reason I like him is because he is actually a chill kid. If you haven’t seen his movie yet, you should! Even if you aren’t a fan, you will be as soon as you walk out of the theater. It is super inspirational and cute and makes him seem like a good person, which he is I guess. He can appear cocky, but come on, he has the right to be! He’s Justin Bieber for crying out loud. All I’m trying to say is give this kid a chance because he is actually super down to earth. BIEBER FOR  LIFE <3


Softball Team Works Towards A Great Season

The girl’s softball season started off well, despite some disappointing losses. Their record is good. They played in the Katy tournament on the 19 and 20 of February in hopes of competing against some of the best teams around. This tournament was a very difficult one and the team went in order to learn from all the other teams from all across the state.

“In order to be the best, we must first play against the best,” Coach Machu said.

The girls practice schedule is grueling, with long hours and an endless commitment to the team. They meet every day after school as well as Saturday mornings unless there is a game or tournament being held.

“The schedule is demanding early in the season, but once we really get going they become more consistent,” Coach Machu said.

The next game will be played today at 4 on campus. Come out and support the lady chargers as they take on Harlendale in hopes of continuing their winning streak.


Boys Soccer Fights to Stay on Top

The boys Varsity soccer team started out the season with a bang. Being number three in the district and fourth in the city, it looks like it’s going to be a very promising season. They won 6 out of their first 8 games and are expecting to win many more. With no definite star player and everyone playing their role, it’s no surprise that the team plays well together.

“If they continue to play the way they do now, I can see them winning the district championship,” Coach Walter said.

With all this excitement about varsity people tend to forget about the always important junior varsity. They began their season on a slightly  disappointing note, tying their first game. Even though they didn’t leave Boerne with a desired victory, the boys put up a great fight.

The MLK game started off a bit rocky with a goal late in the first half by the other team, but they didn’t let that bring them down. With 21 minutes left in the game, Corey Trevor-Wilson, made a beautiful goal to even the score. With a new found optimism, the team gave all they had, yet fell short. Despite the inability to score again our goalie made some incredible saves to prevent them from scoring even more.

Though not all the games resulted as planned, the season for both teams seems to be looking up. The first district game against Reagan will be tonight at 7, at Blossom athletic center. Come out and support the boys as they face their big rival and take our school to the top.