Hands on Final

Students use their artistic skills for their final

The upper level sign language class does not have a written exam for their final grade. Instead, they are painting their hands. The class’s assignment is to pick a sign, paint it on their hand, and then show their teacher.

Sign language three teacher Brooke Morrow decided to change up her final exam last year and give her students something fun and different to do at the end of the year.

“After looking at it on another teacher’s website I thought it would be something interesting and cool to do at the end of the year,” Morrow said.

The students are excited to not have a written final, and they are happy they get to do something refreshing and new.

“I like this project better than the other final exams that we’ve taken because it’s fun and it’s something everyone in the class can enjoy,” junior Merilin Lopez said.

Students got to pick whatever sign they wanted to, and paint it for this project. It could be something they loved or something they were excited about.

“I loved it; I got to express something I’m very passionate about,” junior Alexandra Galvan said.

Junior Alexandra Galvan shows off her American Flag that was painted on her hand for her final project on May 24, in the sign language room. “I’m very patriotic so this was a cool way of expressing it,” Galvan said.

Lady Chargers v. Lady Rattlers

Chargers play against Reagan  

The varsity softball game against Reagan will be held this Friday, March 31 at 5 p.m. at the NEISD softball complex.

The softball team practices every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., and they prepare by doing drills, fielding, and hitting during their practices.

“I feel like we have prepared enough for this game to give Reagan a pretty good game,” sophomore Alyssa Lopez said.

The team has been working really hard this season, and they are ready for the game.

“I feel that we have practiced hard and are still working out the kinks to make us the best team we can be,” senior Morgan Riley said. By Bailey Zuniga

10 Months in America

Junior travels from Germany to study in the United States

It all started with a dream that led junior Peer Baartz to travel from Germany to an unfamiliar country.

Baartz had an amazing opportunity to travel to the United States from Hamburg, Germany and stay for 10 months. When he was living with a host family and attending school for the year Baartz was excited to begin his journey.

“It was a dream of mine to come to America,” Baartz said.

Baartz got his desire to travel from his mother. She loves to travel, and she passed that onto Baartz. She really encouraged Baartz to take the opportunity to come to America.

“Basically my mom liked traveling a lot, and she encouraged me to do it,”  Baartz said. “ I really liked the idea that I could on my own.”

Baartz arrived on August 10, 2016, to stay with his host family whom he had never met personally. While being here, he has not only gained knowledge about a foreign country but also gained a new American family.

“I am staying with a host family, ” Baartz said. “We had not met personally”

One of the hardest things for Baartz to get used to has been the transportation. Getting around here has not been easy. Not being able to get around on his own has been a struggle, but the biggest struggle is being able to understand the language completely.  

“There is a language barrier that makes it hard,” Baartz said.

Leaving home and family was full of mixed emotions.  Although being in a new place is excited, leaving his family behind was sad. Baartz misses his family the most when there is not much to do.

“They were definitely excited but also sad,” Baartz said. “They were happy for me.”

The school has been one of the big differences for Baartz while being here in America. The schedule is different, academics, and sports. Baartz was used to a block schedule before coming to America. Baartz saw a big difference in sports.

“The sports here are absolutely incredible,” Baartz said. “Back in Germany, there are almost no sports at all.”

Baartz leaves the United States on June 9, 2017. Baartz has really grown close to some of his friends and his host family. Baartz definitely plans on traveling more after he goes home “Yeah definitely I want to travel when I finish school,” Baartz said. By Bailey Zuniga


DECA Goes To State

Students compete at Henry B. Gonzalez convention center on Thursday, Feb. 23 through Saturday, Feb. 25

DECA attends two competitions a year one being  the state competition which will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez convention center Thursday, Feb. 23 through Saturday, Feb. 25.

There will be a total of 29 students attending the upcoming state competition.

“I think we had a similar number last year the year before that we had 11,” sponsor Lesli Weil said. “I think they are very well prepared.”

The students compete in multiple categories for district and state including hospitality, business, and marketing.

“We compete in a lot of things, but most of it is business and finance,” Sponsor Emily Duarte said.

Preparation for competition includes doing different kinds of activities to produce a good outcome at competition.

“The student will do role playing and mock exams, so we have a whole network of google classrooms where the students go through quizlets and all different types of preparation,” Weil said. By Bailey Zuniga

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