Two Churchill Latin Student Finish Top in the Nation at National Latin Contest

 Submitted by Mr. Thompson, Latin teacher

Only four Latin students from Churchill competed in this year’s National Junior Classical League convention at Eastern Kentucky University the last week in July, but they won big in academic contests, competing against about 1,500 students from around the country.  They also brought back awards for individual creative arts, Certamen, and athletic competitions.

The Novice level Competitive Certamen Team from Texas – half of which was made up of Churchill students – also won fifth place in the national competition.  Also noteworthy, advanced student Dominic Delgado amassed enough points on academic contests that he comes in 15th overall in the nation in academic category.  Likewise, beginning student Elizabeth Hamm’s scores make her ten place in the nation in overall first year academics. 

During the week all conventioneers gathered for daily general assemblies where they competed to show their spirit.  The day was filled with competitions, seminars, and convention events, and at night, the entire Texas delegation met for spirit practice, politics and voting, and updates on the next day’s events.  The final day of the convention included a Roman-style banquet, and all conventioneers participated in a  “Day in Old Rome” procession through the campus while wearing their best Roman costumes, and concluded with a memorable Talent Show.

The fifth place Novice Certamen team, which beat out every other team in the state of Texas at State contest, was anchored by two terrific Churchill students, Matthew Fuhrmann (who specialized in Roman history) and Elizabeth Hamm who dominated in Latin language.  They had a teammate from Antonian and another from Clark.  These hard working students, in spite of spending hours preparing, and playing well under pressure, lost in a tough semi-finals match to another powerhouse Florida team. 

Here are the highlights of the individual results of our amazing Churchill Latin students:


Dominic Delgado – Academic Heptathlon, level V

Elizabeth Hamm – Academic Heptathlon, level I

Elizabeth Hamm – Latin Grammar, level I (and High Score!)

Elizabeth Hamm – Latin Vocabulary, level I


Dominic Delgado – Reading Comprehension, level V

Dominic Delgado – Roman Life, level V

Elizabeth Hamm – Latin Derivatives

Elizabeth Hamm – Latin Literature


Dominic Delgado – Latin Vocabulary, level V

Elizabeth Hamm – Reading Comprehension


Matthew Fuhrmann – Roman History, level I

Matthew Fuhrmann – Ancient Geography, level I

Dominic Delgado – Ancient Geography, level V


Lu Liu – Couple’s Costume

Dominic Delgado – Couple’s Costume


Dominic Delgado – Greek Derivatives, level V

Matthew Fuhrmann – Hellenic History, level I


Dominic Delgado – Marathon Race


Dominic Delgado – Latin Derivatives, level V

Dominic Delgado – Advanced Latin Grammar

Elizabeth Hamm – Mottoes, level I


Dominic Delgado – Latin Literature, level V

It is also noteworthy that Dominic has been the national champion of Latin reading comprehension for the last two years, so he was somewhat disappointed by his second place score this year.  How many students can be disappointed by being “only” number two in the country?  Finally, Elizabeth Hamm also received a High Score trophy for her performance on the Latin Grammar test.

Sponsor and Certamen coach Mr. Thompson is grateful for amazing, hard-working Latin students, and for patient parents, and we would all like to thank Debbie Callihan at Central Office and the North East school board for their support and encouragement. When Latin students from Churchill High School, a public high school in San Antonio, Texas compete with the best public and private schools in the country, the results are always the same:  our students shine!


Chancellor Receives Top Honors

The  2010 Chancellor yearbook has been inducted into the Walsworth Publishing Company’s Gallery of Excellence for the fourth consecutive year. The Gallery of Excellence is a showcase of yearbooks published by Walsworth customers. Books are chosen for recognition based on their comprehensive coverage, innovative design and superior copy and photographs.

“Your 2010 yearbook is in the gallery because it is an example of these criteria and is a representative of yearbooks across the country,” wrote Jim Worthington,National Sales Manger,  in a letter to the Chancellor staff.

As part of this honor, the yearbook is used by the sales force as an example and idea generator . It is also displayed at regional, state and national conventions and workshops.

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