A Final Flourish

Band ended marching season this past Friday, Nov. 4 at the Alamodome

The band performed their 2016 competitive show, In Bloom, one last time this past week on Friday, Nov. 4. The competition they participated in was the Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional at the Alamodome. Out of the 64 bands that competed, the band placed 12 out of 64 in their preliminary performance and 11 out of 14 in their finals performance. This is the first time the band has made San Antonio BOA finals since 2011.

“[Making finals] felt very surreal,” Assistant Band Director Charles Stollon said. “It’s the next step. We’ve made finals now for the last two years at every regional we’ve been to, including the super regional.”

For students, history was made when the band made finals for the first time in over five years.

“BOA San Antonio was an amazing success, especially because of our placement in finals and being the first WC band to make finals since 2011 is a pretty awesome feeling too,” junior Asia Colgan said. “We beat out some pretty amazing bands like LD Bell which is kind of mind boggling.”

The support from the Band Parent Association (BPA) has helped the band by supplying pre-competition meals, organizing charter buses for the trips, and even sporting their favorite band gear.

“As a parent, BOA is always exciting because all the top bands from all over Texas come to compete,” Kendall Davis’ father, Kevin Davis said. “They all worked hard, and they had their good days and bad days throughout the season to get to this point.” By Max Zawacki



Choir hosts Halloween social

Choir council will be hosting their annual Halloween social in the MPC on Tuesday, Oct 25, from 4:30-6 p.m. At the social there will be free games, food, and prizes for all choir members.

“I love seeing all my students get to know each other and spend time together,”  Choir Director  Ken Turner said.





Flyer of JROTC fundraiser information taken by Savannah Sevilla

Come out and support our JROTC family

 The JROTC program will be having a fundraiser at Willie’s Grill and Ice House on Tuesday, Oct. 25, located at 15801 San Pedro Avenue.

  “Willies has agreed to donate 15% of your check to the JROTC Booster Club if you simply mention that you are there to support the Winston Churchill JROTC from 4pm to close.” Principal Justin Oxley said, “This is an easy way to support cadets enrolled in this program and help them raise funds for equipment and expenses associated with the local and nationwide competitions.”

  Churchill ROTC chief Richard Gonzales explains the location and meeting behind the fundraiser. “They agreed to do it, and they’re interested in supporting the students here in Churchill high school.” Gonzales said, “The fundraiser overall is gonna contribute to the program terms of supplying uniforms, competing local regionally and nationally in a number of different competitions all of those things cost a tremendous amount of money so the funds that we raise from this will contribute to those areas of need and in particular some of the students who can’t afford to pay for themselves it helps cover those costs as well.”

  Gonzales explains that they will be doing plenty of fundraisers this year for ROTC. “We are in a state of perpetual fundraising in order to meet our financial needs every year, we basically never stop fundraising so we will have other fundraisers this year.”