Vote For Parliament

Student Council election brings anticipation

Parliament will be holding an election to choose which students will be in student council during the 2017-2018 school year on Monday, April 3.

“The elections are very necessary,” sophomore Madison Wallace said. “Students deserve to have a voice in these types of choices for our school.”

Each student interested in taking part in Student Council had to be submitted to an interview and application process before campaigning. Students encourage others to see how they deserve to be included in Student Council next year.

“It’s a very fun organization to be a part of,” Wallace said. “You get close with a lot of people because it’s a small organization; [it is] different than any other on campus.” By Julia Lucas


Kindness Comes in Every Flavor

Hurricane Grill & Wings will be sending portion of sales to local cancer patient

Hurricane Grill & Wings will be hosting a fundraiser event for special education teacher Maria Reyes on Thursday, March 23. When a customer shows the cover flyer displayed, 10 percent will benefit Reyes, who was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

I am touched that the community is helping with as much as they can for Maria and her family,” Redirect teacher and Case Manager Effie Baeza said. “This is a testament of the type of person she is. She is a remarkable woman who truly loved her job and students with special needs. She exemplifies love, caring, and empathy for all.”

This event will last all day and will feature live music. Those interested must show the image to their server; this is only valid on the day and place mentioned.

“Serious illness is something people shouldn’t deal with alone,” math teacher Kristina Smith said. “I think it’s [event] a great opportunity to show support and love the people you work with.”

Reyes will try to attend the event. Students are encouraged to participate.

“She is a member of our family and as Chargers, we pull through and together,” Baeza said. “It is my hope that students see and feel how precious life is so that they can value what they have and work harder for what they want.” By Julia Lucas


Aim for a One

Choir students prepare for the upcoming UIL competition

The UIL Choir competition for students to sing with their choir and be scored by judges will be taking place on Wednesday, April 5, Thursday, April 6, and Friday, April 7 at Canyon Lake High School. Only students who pass all of their classes by the end of the nine weeks are allowed to participate.

“You should always aim to pass no matter the incentive,” Choir director Bonnie Smith said. “I am hopeful that they [choirs] can find focus during rehearsals.”

Students are both nervous and excited as UIL comes closer along with further practice. Choirs will have practice during class and occasionally after school until the competition.

“There’s a chance to grow with the other group of people that are working beside you,” junior Blaze Bauer said. “I believe they [rehearsals] help us even if they take time out of our day to do so.”

The choirs that will be performing in UIL are the Lords of Cambridge Chorale, the Ladies of Cambridge Chorale, the Canterbury Lasses, the Westminister Women, members from the Buckingham Balladeers, and members of the Oxford Singers. The judges will score each choir with a five being the worst and a one being the best grade. Smith said that if they get sweepstakes, scoring one’s on both sight reading and on stage, she will bring Baklava, a type of food named in one of their songs “Hamisha Asar”, and Hot Chocolate.

“We are on the way to success,” Smith said. “I am hoping for sweepstakes.” By Julia Lucas


UIL Meet Tomorrow

Students to compete in a variety of subjects

The next UIL competition will be tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 11 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Reagan High School.

“The competitive nature of the tests and the type of material on them enables students to take things further and really see how well they do among other students who thrive on similar academic competition,” English teacher Susan Mann said. “Confidence and humility; UIL academic meets provide healthy doses of both.”

Students will compete in number sense, computer applications, calculator applications, feature writing, editorial writing, current issues, news writing, headline writing, social studies, ready writing, literary criticism, spelling and vocabulary, computer science hands-on, accounting, mathematics, and science.

“Competing at UIL is really fun because it’s really satisfying when you place,” sophomore Bianca Villarreal said. “I also really appreciate the grammar skills I’ve learned. They really help me in English.” By Julia Lucas