“Chain of Love” Brings Churchill Students to Volunteer

A couple of Churchill students gathered early Monday morning in their former middle school, Saint George Episcopal’s, gymnasium to help with their annual school event, Chain of Love.

Chain of Love supports St. George’s sister school, Saint Benoit, in Mombin-Crochu, Haiti. For every dollar they raise, one domino goes into a huge chain built by select middle school students on the gym floor.

“It is so exciting seeing the amount of time and money not only students, but the community of St. George puts into the event,” sophomore Aubrey Harrison said.

She has participated in Chain of Love since her sixth grade year as a part of the construction team, or the group of kids who builds the chain of dominoes.

“As an alumni, it’s different because now I’m not completely involved,” Harrison said. “I get to see how [Chain of Love] has grown and developed since I have been at St. George.”

Freshman Daryn Reynolds, a Saint George alum who attends Antonian High School, was also a part of this project.

“My favorite part about Chain of Love is when the lower school kids walk in the gymnasium and get so excited for the domino topple,” Reynolds said. “It really just gives such great energy to a great cause.”

Senior Ainslee Harrison has participated in Chain of Love for seven years.

“My most memorable year was definitely this year,” Harrison said. “Getting to go back to a place that I grew up in and see how much this project has grown is amazing.”

Even though she is a senior, Harrison hopes to come back in college and continue to help a cause near and dear to her heart.

“We have built a school in Haiti because of this project,” Harrison said. “Each year we get to contribute something more to help that school grow.”



Journalism Goes to State!

Journalism teacher Mikel Brand and students Jackie Michel and Mariel Garcia attended the UIL State Competition at the University of Texas campus on Friday, May 4.

Freshman Jackie Michel competed in feature writing, senior Mariel Garcia competed in editorial writing, and Mrs. Brand judged news writing while in Austin.

“The state competition had so many more people than I was used to in other competitions,” Garcia said.

Garcia was returning to state from the year before, and was excited to experience it again.

“My favorite part was getting to go to Austin as well as knowing that I was able to go to state again,” Garcia said.

This was Mrs. Brand’s first time at state, and her first time to judge news writing.

“It was a real teaching experience,” Mrs. Brand said. “I had discussions with the other two judges about what should really be in a lead, and what shouldn’t. It was a learning experience.”

Michel was also a first-timer at state, and was nervous about the competition.

“I was shaking as they were calling roll, and it was pouring rain and thundering as we were writing, so it was really nerve-racking,” Michel said.

She was pleasantly surprised to learn she had placed in the top six in feature writing!

“I was on a tour of the UT campus when Mrs. Brand texted me the news,” Michel said. “I was about to jump up and down and scream.”

She hopes to return next year, and she and Mrs. Brand are very hopeful for the coming years.

“My favorite part of state was learning that [Michel] placed in the top six,” Mrs. Brand said. “I am very proud of her and [Garcia] for all their hard work!”