Speech and Debate Update

This weekend the Speech and Debate Team attended the Sandra Day O’Connor Speech Tournament and took home 1st place sweepstakes once again. Personal Highlights from the Speech team include:

Humorous Interpretation- James Rodriguez in 2nd Place, Riley Collins in 4th place, and Montana Rowton in 6th place.

Dramatic Interpretation- Adam Damon in 2nd place, Bianca Phipps in 3rd place, and Emma Trapp in 6th place.

Original Oratory- Kelsi Morse 1st place, Hailey Medrano 2nd place, Emma Trapp 3rd place, Colton Barton 4th place, Bianca Phipps 6th place, and Chris Stewart in 7th place.

Prose Interpretation- Kelsi Morse winning 1st place; Chris Stewart 2nd place, Hailey Medrano 3rd place, Adam Damon 4th place, and Riley Collins in 6th place.

Poetry Interpretation- Paul Hamburg 1st place, Spencer Loughman 4th place, and Maddie Stengel in 5th place.

Novice Prose Interpretation- Montana Rowton in 1st place, Ryan Stewart in 2nd place, Michelle Clarke 3rd place, James Rodriguez in 6th place.

Duo Interpretation- Chris Stewart and Bianca Phipps in 1st place and Ryan Stewart and Montana Rowton in 6th place.

Duet Acting- Joey Casseb and Chris Stewart in 3rd place, Michael Coyle and Niki Greco in 4th place, and James Rodriguez and Hailey Medrano in 5th place.

Novice Poetry Interpretation- Ryan Stewart in 2nd place and Emily Pavalik in 6th place.

The Speech team will be competing at Macarthur High School this weekend.



Theater Performs Two Fall Plays

As the cast of the   two plays, Moon over Buffalo & Romeo and Juliet, vigorously begin practicing it becomes apparent that the theatre department’s work does not end there. As well as building, painting, and lighting all of their own shows, theatre students continue to fill their schedules. Many of our theatre students compete weekly at speech tournaments winning many awards (see Speech and Debate update). The seniors are preparing monologues for the Greater San Antonio Area Audition (GSAA) where they plan to attract the attention of visiting College and Fine Arts representatives.

In addition to  practicing till 6 p.m. every night and the Friday-Saturday Speech tournaments, and GSAA preparation, many seniors are also competing in the Young Arts Competition, where they vie for a trip to Miami to study under respected Fine Arts Professors hoping for the chance to perform before President Obama.

Plan  to attend Moon over Buffalo on October 27, 28, 29 at 7 pm and 5:30 pm on 29 and 30 for $7 in the Lanny Neaglin Theatre.  Romeo and Juliet will be November 2, 3, 4 at 7pm and 5:30 pm  on the 5 for $7 in the Black Box Theatre.

See the box office for tickets.



FCCLA Plans for the Year

The Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) kicked off this year with their first meeting Thursday 9/29. Anyone who has ever been enrolled in a Food Science class is welcome to join.

This year the club will be attending the FCCLA Regional Competition at Corpus Christi on February 24-25 and the top three winners at this Competition will move to the next level in Dallas during April.  Also any member of FCCLA is guaranteed a $2,000 scholarship to Johnson-Wales University, this scholarship doubles for any FCCLA club officer.

The club is also dedicated to volunteer service. They attended the Coker Fair this  on Se30th and Habitat for Humanity later this year.



Homecoming goes Greek

The myths goes that the runner Pheidippides ran roughly 26 miles to Athens, Greece to warn the Greeks of the impending Persian attack. Luckily, lots of Greek is just a small walk away at the Littleton Gym. This years Homecoming Theme is: GO GREEK OR GO HOME! The theme was decided last year in a student vote sponsored by Parliament.

Spirit Themes include, Monday Ivy Head Band Day (wear an ivy head band), Tuesday Gold Day (wear gold), Wednesday  Togally Greek (wear your favorite sorority/fraternity shirt), Thursday Twinkie Days (twin day), and Friday; Homecoming Shirt Day. The dance is on September 17, tickets are $45 for a couple and $25 for a single. Sadly, togas will not be allowed at the dance.