Insidious: A Review

Honestly, there hasn’t been a very good horror film in awhile, until Insidious. It’s the perfect movie to once again scare one enough to be afraid of the dark. If one is into scary movies, one won’t be disappointed. Insidious is about a happy family of five deeply disturbed by the supernatural activity that occurs. At first it’s only weird noises here and there, but it quickly intensifies once their eldest son falls into a mysterious coma that doctors simply can’t explain. As months go by, the boy still hasn’t awoken and it seems as though everything for the family is falling apart. Thinking it was the house filled with evil dark spirits, the family moves. Unfortunately they quickly discover it wasn’t the house that was haunted and the couple is then sets out on a mission to save their son and end the torments the spirits seemed to have caused.

James Wan, the famous director of Paranormal Activity and Saw movies, takes you into a completely different world that many of us dread, and the thing about that is that it’s the unknown. Which makes everything terrifying. This movie will haunt everyone for weeks! I personally have never seen Saw, but I have seen Paranormal Activity. In all honesty I expected Insidious to be as stupid as Paranormal  Activity. I was in for a rude awakening. It was far from Paranormal Activity, which was easy to predict. Insidious on the other hand literally had viewers at the edge of their seats throughout the whole movie!

“It was the scariest movie ever!” States sophomore Kenna Salinas. I definitely recommend this movie to those who are down for a scare.

By Lauren Riojas

Staff Writer

Essential Spring Fashions

Lauren Riojas

Staff Writer

Spring is right around the corner, and it seems like it’s going to  be warmer than ever! Whatever the weather may be you can always be chic and trendy. Here are a few items that can be used to help you stay cool (;


As we all know, floral prints are cute. What you should know about florals is that there are different patterns and ways to wear them. You should pick one that’s right for you. They’re tricky to match up, so be aware of the different styles.

Bathing Suits

It’s harder for some people to walk around in a bathing suit comfortably than it is for others. There are plenty of options! Whatever you’re nervous about, I’m positive there’s a swim suit that will provide the coverage you’re seeking. Cover up’s are miracle workers. They can cover as much or as little as you want, depending on you’re preference and there’s all types of them! You should love what you’re wearing, not just accept it.


Dresses are a must have. Dresses can offer the comfort, style and femininity every woman needs. They come in huge selections in assortments that are meant for every body type and every occasion. They’re perfect.


Shorts are very much in. Shorts are ideally popular during the spring and summer time. Usually very casual, but you can defiantly dress them up. They’re fun to match with different tops, especially since all clothing is different! Keeping them at an appropriate length keeps them looking fresh and classy; no one wants to see something that’s supposed to be covered, if you feel me.


Shoes should be comfortable! You want to rock the outfit your wearing while still being able to walk! Wedges and flats are the most popular type of shoe most girls seem to be wearing. Wedges provide the height and the stability to walk in where as if you your looking to down play your outfit, flats are perfect.

Helpful tip: You can never go wrong with sandals and flip-flops!


Accessorize!Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessories complete the outfit being worn. Small items such as a handbag or a belt can change the whole outfit completely. They add personality, soul, and charm. The biggest belt trend is the big wrap around belts. They’re worn around the waist, and tend to draw allot of attention. Be bold, be different!


Sun block seems to have been forgotten all together. Sunblock protects your skin by absorbing and reflecting UVA’s and UVB’s radiation. Sunblock only minimizes sun damage, but its better than over-exposing your skin! Over exposure leads to skin cancer, so have fun in the sun without  worrying about damage.

New Hit Show Popular Amongst Viewers

By: Lauren Riojas

Staff Writer

Following the winter premier of Pretty Little Liars, the hit TV show on ABC Family, has everyone murmuring about what’s going to happen next. Pretty Little Liars is based on the book series by Sara Shepard. Four girls, Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) are reunited one year after the “murder” of their former best frenemy, Allison. She mysteriously went missing and was later found to be dead, or so they thought. The four main characters begin receiving anonymous text messages from an unknown sender that goes by the name ‘A.’ This person threatens to expose secrets that they thought only Allison knew.

This show has monopolized millions of people’s Monday evenings, including my own. It quickly became my own personal addiction. The characters have lots of deep personal secrets, from both the past and present. In Hanna’s case, her mother sets the perfect example of a bad example. In Aria’s its a secret love affair between her and her English teacher. All the while Emily is struggling with her sexuality, while Spencer goes behind her sister’s back to steal her boyfriends. The show is constantly ending with cliff hangers. Right when viewers think they have figured out what A’s next move is, the plot suddenly changes and new clues are revealed. Which leaves viewers wanting more! It is the perfect guilty pleasure.

The constant unexpected change of events is new and refreshing considering most shows are usually somewhat the same in every episode. The cast was picked perfectly. Each actor plays their character’s part very well, leading to a more believable show. Although I’ve never read any of the books, in fear that I’ll spoil the ending for myself, I have heard that the show and books are quite different. I suppose we’ll all have to wait and watch for ourselves to see what surprise will be the end result. Viewers can tune in every Monday night at seven or nine o’clock on ABC Family.

Debaters Kick Off The Year

Churchill Debaters started their season in Dallas, Texas. Senior Sam Hamad was invited to the Greenhill Tournament as one of the top 16 LD debaters in the country. Four different debate events will be competed in throughout the school year around the state and nation. They are Team Policy Debate, Team Public Forum Debate, Individual LD Debate and Individual Congressional Debate. Practicing at least four to twelve hours a week, debaters hope to continue the same type of success they’ve earned in the past. The  team as a whole is among the top 5 teams in Texas and top 25 teams in the nation.

“By joining the team and by attending the monthly fundraisers at EZ’s on Bitters and 281 you can help build our success,” Mr. Pearcy, debate coach,  said.