Duel in the Pool Raises $4415 for Juarez

When the officials announced the score during a break in the meet, one of the swimmers pressed the palms of her hands to her eyes and said, “We cannot come back from this.”

After having two of the boy’s relays disqualified because of early starts determined by new technology, together a loss of 20 points, the boy’s team lost 144 to 160. Only 17 points from a win, the frustration was apparent in the boy’s eyes.

“It was really disappointing to lose because our relays were disqualified,” John Murray, junior, said.

The girl’s team lost 111 to 201, an even more dissatisfying defeat. The meet ended with the Chargers thanking the officials for their time with smiles and handshakes, accepting the loss with true sportsmanship.

However, the meet was not all tears and disappointment. This year our team brought in $3000 in shirt sales and donations, while Reagan earned $1415 in shirt sales and donations, a total of $4415 for the Miles Juarez Cancer Fund. Way to go Chargers!