The Last Show

Spirit Organization host Dance Celebration

    The spirit organization will be hosting Dance Celebration on Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6. in the auditorium. Dance celebration is a school show off that allows Dance, Drill, Pep Squad and Cheer to perform as a team one last time.

    “Im been looking forward to all the dances the seniors have been working hard,” Pep Squad Coach Nicole Casey said “ There’s a lot of creativity and just a lot of variety in the show.”

     Tickets will cost $10 at the door, but interested spectators can pre-order a ticket for $5 from a spirit team member.

   “Usually when we dance its for a competition or during games,” junior Sarah Bernal said. “But dance celebration is just fun for the dancers.”

     Each individual dance will be choreographed by a senior.    

   “I’m confident in my dancers because I have been dancing with them all throughout high school,” senior Bethany Bloomer said. “This is the last time all of us seniors can perform with our teammates.” By Nathan Kleffner