Speech takes on NEISD

Contestants try to qualify for Regionals at Madison

Speech will be competing at the UIL Districts meet on Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1 at Madison High School.

  “Churchill did really well last year,” junior Morgan Rodriguez said. “I think this is a great final opportunity to perform and get feedback before the school year ends.”

    There are two events that students will be able to compete in; Prose and Poetry. Both are seven-minute long “binder” events.

     “Whereas other interp events are about the performer,” Speech coach Brandon Forinash said. “Prose and Poetry are about the literature and what the performer brings out of the literature.”

     This year, the “Prompts” for Prose and Poetry are; “Our Changing World”, the single selection informative category, and “Taking A Stand”, the multiple selection persuasive category.

   “It is difficult to find the ability to be heard,” senior Chris Carillo said. “But these topics allow us to voice our opinions about the place we live in today.”

  Competitors that place top three in each category will be able to go to the Regional tournament held at the UTSA campus on Saturday, April 8.

 “It’s very obvious that everyone is there for a reason,” Rodriguez said. “The competition is tough, but it’s a very fun experience.” By Nathan Kleffner

Speech and Debate take on Texas

Speech and Debate prepare for state competition 

Speech and Debate are competing at the Texas Forensic Association (TFA) state from Thursday, March 9 to Saturday, March 11 in Plano, Texas.

 They will be taking 18 kids that qualified for the tournament by accumulating “state points” from local and college tournaments across the state.  

 “I think the amount of kids we’re taking reflects the amount of hard work and dedication our program has put in over the year,” sophomore Wyatt Beere said.

   Texas is one of most competitive states in the country, and they want to show that they can compete with the top performers and debaters.

“I think we have a few people that could go really far,” sophomore Maggie Davis said.

    They have worked this whole year to better their performance, speaking, and critical thinking skills.

“We have been preparing for so long,” junior Morgan Rodriguez said. “But I think state is the most important time to showcase the Churchill work ethic and talent to competitors all across the state.” By Nathan Kleffner

Speaking Their Way To Districts

Speech and Debate prepare for their upcoming district meet

Speech and Debate will be participating in the San Antonio District Meet on Friday, Feb. 20 and Saturday, Feb.21 at the Saint Mary’s Hall campus. This tournament decides who will qualify from the National Speech and Debate tournament in July.

“I think getting to represent Churchill, as well as the San Antonio circuit as a whole, would be a really amazing opportunity,” sophomore Jackson Reich said.

   In order to compete with one of the toughest circuits in the nation, Speech has begun preparing their pieces by competing at local speech tournaments, such as Brandeis, La Vernia, O’Connor, MacArthur, Madison, Reagan, and Boerne Champion High School tournaments, and managed to consistently place in sweepstakes .They also have practice every day before and after school.

“We know how incredibly hard it will be to get one of those top spots,” senior Ava Said said. “It will be cut-throat competition.”

 In order to not make the Districts meet too large, each school is only allowed to bring three competitors in each event.

“We’ve set up an audition system to ensure that we send our best performances,” Speech Coach Brandon Forinash said. “It will be a very rough decision, but I am confident that whoever we take will have a good shot at going to Nationals.” by Nathan Kleffner

“Da” In The Theatre

The 8th Period prepares for the district UIL Meet

The varsity theatre class is preparing their performance for the UIL One-Act district  competition on Wednesday, March 22 at Madison High School. They will be performing  “DA”, an Irish comedy play by Irish playwright Hugh Leonard.

 “It’s really cool to see everyone in the cast try to learn Irish dialects,” senior Earl Viera said.

Clark Stevens, the director of this one act play, has won the UIL competition with “DA” before.

   “I trust that he knows what he’s doing,” sophomore Carter Cabral said. “I think we will be prepared. At the moment I’m not looking forward to it,but that’s just because we just started, and I don’t want to worry myself.”

Although the cast still has plenty of time to prepare and rehearse, cast members have been worried about the competition because of how difficult the play is to learn and understand from the actor’s perspective.

“People are anxious because we’ve come to a slow start,” Earl said. “I think if we all come in with a positive attitude,and work toward a great performance, we can get the job done.” by Nathan Kleffner

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