Sophomores Prepare AP Exams

Pencils breaking. Hair pulling. Stress. It’s coming, the dreaded…AP Exams. They’re what AP classes have been working towards all year, what students are stressing about and cramming for. Some seniors and juniors are tackling up to three or four exams at once. As a sophomore taking the only AP class that is available, World History AP, I am already overwhelmed! All the reading, notes, tests and DATES! Oh my goodness the dates! 1941, 1950, 1964…how do teachers expect students to actually remember it all? Oh and don’t get me started on the essays! There are three? Really? I can barely write one in 50 minutes and now I am “supposed” to finish writing three in two hours! That is definitely not going to give me enough time. I am completely and utterly scared as to how one test is going to decide whether each student can “cop out of college classes,” as Mrs. Drechsel says. I asked other sophomores if they were also as freaked out about it as I was.

“It’s going to be a lot cramming and stressing out the night before…” said sophomore, Morgan Medlar with a sigh. Don’t worry Morgan you’re not alone.

“Definitely, not going to have enough time to finish any of the parts” said Kayla Saavedra with a grim expression.

Okay, so I wasn’t the only sophomore freaking out about this…but still. I guess there’s only a few things students like us can do, relax. Do the usual “…get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast and do our best” I know it’s the same mundane line students hear every year right before TAKS, but it really helps keep the nerves down so we can do our best, and not get too overwhelmed.

Indelible Mongolian Grill

Create. Feast. Repeat. HuHut Mongolian Grill is a unique Mongolian BBQ experience for the whole family to enjoy.  At this once-in-a-lifetime experience people can create and indulge in their own personal preferences. Generate a unique Asian stir fry from their selection of  fresh meats, noodles and Asian-inspired sauces, mixed in with favorite fruits and veggies. Then watch as it’s cooked on their grill of EPIC size by talented chefs (who earn extra brownie points by doing nifty things with their knives as they cut up the the meal into bite size pieces).  So try this AMAZING restaurant for an unforgettable experience.

iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps are everyone’s biggest craze at the moment, and for good reason. They are a great way to pass time when teachers give down time in class or when students are waiting for lunch to end. iPhone users fill up their memory with tons and tons of apps, but which apps are worth the memory?

5. With Tap Tap Revenge 3, gamers tap to their favorite tunes and score points for their beat and timing.

4. The Skype Mobile app lets users make calls face to face, and send instant messages.

3. Words With Friends is a scrabble-like game that lets players challenge their friends.

2. Angry Birds has dominated the top list on iPhone apps for a while and has remained a constant favorite.

1. Facebook is an app that users use everyday to keep in contact with friends, family, and relatives in the cyber world for everyday updates. As my fellow staff writer Cassy Sunderland said with a smile, “Facebook is seriously the only app that I touch everyday.”

iPhone apps are addicting. It’s hard to tear myself away from so much fun. I have a very hard time putting down my

phone and parting from the apps that I love.

Steel Magnolias

“…being Shelby is like every theater girl’s dream role,” says sophomore Brooke Terry. Shelby the main actress in the senior directed play is a newlywed struggling with the one of the most terrifying diseases…diabetes. The time period where this is taking place it is not proper for people with diabetes to have children because of health concerns. And of course, this is what Shelby has always dreamed of. Truvy (played by Brooke), owner of a beauty salon, Clairee, rich widow of a former mayor, Annelee, her assistant, and Ouiser, a wealthy curmudgeon, are all there for Shelby and her worried mother, M’ Lynn as she struggles to get past this obstacle.

This being a senior directed play done by Allie Garza with help of Mr. Young are working their hardest to make it an inspiring and dramatic play. According to Brooke, Allie is very excited about directing this play, and immediately talked to the directors about hoping to be the student directing it once the roles came out.

“..this is an all girl’s play because it only has girl casts…” says Brooke with excitement gleaming in her eyes as she is anticipating rehearsals, and the spotlight of playing the beauty shop owner, Truvy, a comedic relief to a dramatic play. “She’s in her 40s but half the things coming out of her mouth are what you hear from a teenager,” says Terry laughing. “..I’ve loved every minute of the rehearsal process,” says Brooke.

With roles already been given, rehearsals approaching, and lights in action, stay tuned for Steel  Magnolias coming out in April by the theater department.

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