The Ultimate Spooky Meal is Here

IHOP released their iconic seasonal pancakes to commemorate Halloween. The meal, inspired by the new movie, the Addams Family, a reinvented twist on the classic children’s horror movie that is being released on October 11 across the country. To prepare for the family centered movie, IHOP created pancakes and hot cocoa that parallel the movie. Both hot chocolate and chocolate ice cream shakes can now be topped with purple whipped cream and filled with Hershey chocolate syrup. Customers also have the option for “web cakes,” which has webs on buttermilk pancakes made from icing and even more purple whipped cream. If you want to try the IHOP spooky special and get into the Halloween spirit, the meal is available through November 3.

Semester Exams

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year, Semester Exams. Not only do you have semester exams to deal with , but you most likely have homework too, and studying piled on top of that. Exams can be the most stressful thing for some people, which causes worries and anxiety. Here are the best ways to manage the stress of finals:


Get some sleep. You probably have homework and need to study, but sleep will help rejuvenate you to your best self. Plus you can always do homework in the library the next morning. Going to sleep at a good time will make a difference in how you do on exams.


Stay hydrated and eat healthier.Try to drink 3 water bottles a day and stay off constant junk food. Junk food only keeps you awake for little but after an hour it will only make you more tired than before. Healthier foods on the other hand will keep you awake and help you stay focused. Water keeps you moving and fresh. By drinking water you will have less headaches and a better functioning system.


Baths are a great ways to relieve stress. You can bring a book and listen to a little music to calm yourself down. Adding a little bit of Epsom salt can relax your muscles. Being horizontal in a bathtub or bed can also help your mood, that’s why sleeping also helps relieve stress.

Don’t over study. When studying, don’t do more than 30 minutes at a time. It will overload your brain and make you even more stressed. If you do little increments at a time it will help you better succeed on exams. Creating a study plan will also help with feeling less stressed and keep you more organized.

Tis’ the holiday gift ideas

The holidays are a time with all the traditions, families around each other, and the warm feelings the holiday brings. But when it comes to holiday gifts, trying to get it all done is a hassle. Here is a list of simple gifts that will always be in stores.


Spice up your home, classroom, bedroom, or office. Candles are amazing gifts to give for the holidays to anyone. Not only do candles smell good, but they also give your home a touch of simplicity. Candles come in all scents and are in almost all stores for the holiday.



Go back in time with your pictures! Polaroids are the best gifts for any picture lovers. You can pick many types of film and write little notes of the bottoms of them. This gift is in almost everywhere, like Walmart and Office Depot, and comes in so many colors.

You can check off “best gift giver” for Christmas.


Perfume or Lotion

Another great holiday gift is Perfume and Lotion. You can get this anywhere and in almost every scent. Lotion make a perfect gift for both men and women along with cologne / perfume.


To “wrap” it all these gift ideas, you can make it all in one run. Many stores like Walmart and HEB carry these gifts all the time. Have a great Holiday season and knock off your Holiday shopping now!



The 80’s are back

      The 80’s was an amazing time for fashion. Girls had their cute outfits, hair in ponytails with scrunchies, and converse, and the guys had skinny jeans with button down shirts. Colors were key when dressing in the morning and everyone knew it. You had to wear bright clothes to fit in with all the other girls and you had to have your skinny jeans to be considered “cool”,    unfortunately, these 80”s trends slipped away, but now a days the 80’s fashion is rising back to the top.


    For example, Scrunchies. The trend has become really big lately and almost every store sells them. They can range from $1 all the way up to $15 and possibly even more. Scrunchies now aren’t as elaborate as back then but they for sure are making a come back.


     Another trend coming back into style is Converse. People enjoy Converse because you can wear them with literally everything. They come in White, Black, Grey, Red, Purple, the whole rainbow and now, people wear patterned ones too. You can rock converse wherever you go.


    For some guys, skinny jeans are the new and cool thing. They wear their skinny jeans with tight button down shirts and some name brand shoes like Sperry”s or Vans.


    All in all we might look back at the 80’s and say “I like their style!” Scrunchies, Converse, and Skinny Jeans are rising up to the occasion once again. Thanks you, 80’s!

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