All-State Choir Members Attend Texas Music Educators Association Conference

Singers’ hard work pays off

All-state choir students will have an opportunity to attend a TMEA conference at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center from Feb. 8-10.

The all-state members will be in intensive rehearsals with their all-state organization for several days in preparation for the conference.

“What you’re asking about is this huge convention thing for like all of Texas,” junior and All-State Choir singer Elise Estrada said. “All the top chairs from the area I told you about are like the state choir, and we rehearse for like a week for at least five-ish hours each time. We put on this big concert at the convention center downtown, and like all the prestigious choir directors from around the country attend.”

The singers have been practicing music in order to make it to this conference since summer break, and they have been learning new songs for four auditions throughout the school year.

“We have 5 students, obviously, who made all-state choir, so those students will be in intensive rehearsals with their all state organizations for several days.” Choir Director Kenneth Turner said. By Mariel Garcia


Pre-UIL Concert

Orchestra prepares for pre-contest concert

Students competing in the pre-UIL concert on Feb. 21 at Churchill in the Lanny Naegelin Theatre from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. to prepare for the UIL Concert on March 6.

“UIL is the STAAR test for music,” Orchestra Teacher Amy Robago said. “It’s to show that the students know how to read and write music.”

Robago says that they are competing for themselves.

“The pre-UIL concert is a practice before our UIL contest, “Orchestra Teacher Jason Thibodeaux said. “Our UIL is next week.”

Thibodeaux states the pre-UIL concert lets them know where they are at that time, and what they need to fix.

“It’s a long way up, but we’ll be ready for it,” Thibodeaux said.

Students will have an opportunity to compete in a band with students using different instruments.

“There’s definitely a different dynamic,” senior Danny Landez said. “The two groups have a different rehearsal style, so it creates a different dynamic.”

Junior Samantha Tarr says it’s fun to be able to compete in a band.

“It’s fun because they approach me in a different way, and it’s cool to bring our two different styles together to make music,” Tarr said. By Ken Blanchard

Deadline to Register to Band Solo and Ensemble is Coming Up

Students apply to compete  by January deadline

Band Students must register their solo and/or ensemble music to Assistant Band Director Charles Stollon by Friday, Jan 20.

The contest will be held on Saturday, Feb 25 at Madison High School; students can get any music by using the UIL PML online to find exactly what they need.
“It is the one competition we do in the spring that involves strictly an individual effort that is not covered in class as a full ensemble,” Stollon said. “It’s kind of like the all region process in the fall ,but we believe that is to heighten the ability level of an individual.” By Hailee Davis


It’s just the beginning

DNCE released their first self titled  album DNCE on Friday, Nov. 18 featuring their new hit single “Body Moves”. A Year before they released this album, DNCE released their EP Swaay on Friday, Oct. 23, 2015 with hit singles including “Cake By The Ocean” and “Toothbrush”. The album is filled with a bunch of catchy songs students can dance to like “Doctor You”, “Be Mean”, and “Pay My Rent”.

There isn’t that much meaning behind the beats in the album, but they are tunes to listen to in the shower. If students like DNCE’s unique sound, they can go see them at the Aztec Theatre on Friday, Jan. 27, 2017 at 8 p.m. By Mia Robinson

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