Slower Structures by Tamas Katai Review

By Dillan Brown

  ‘’Slower Structures’’ is the fourth studio album by Hungarian avant-garde musician Tamas Katai. As the first release after an extensive 11-year hiatus, this album leaves no room for unclarity. The opening track “Music For Breakfast” is a perfect introduction into this colossus of an album.  Sheer musicianship is portrayed throughout, and while the album focuses highly on technical composition, appeals to the human emotion are not left behind. With little instrumental variation (instruments slowly ranging from piano to contrabass) the album doesn’t get old fast; it is a surprisingly easy listen. Some memorable moments, like the tracks “Hydrangea Blue”,”Raining This Morning”, and “Tea In The Museum” are musical masterworks. A high use of melody, chromaticism, and harmony are perfectly executed from beginning to end. Subtle bass lines ease in from underneath momentous piano licks. This album is perfect for any rainy day or any somber, quiet night.

50 years of WC

By Juliann Greene

On Wednesday, November 16 there will be a meeting to discuss the 50th anniversary of Churchill. This meeting will be at 11:30 a.m. in the administration conference room. While the district confirmed that this 2015-16 year marks the 50th year since Churchill has opened its doors. This then calculated out in other ways, for this 2016 year is the 50th birthday of Churchill, but the 2017 graduating class is technically the 50th class graduating from the school since the doors opened in 1966 and the first school year ended in 1967. So the committee decided to change the celebration to the fall of 2016-17 school year, and is open to former students, current students, teachers, faculty, and anyone that has been a part of Churchill is invited to come to the celebration, for the date is to be announced. Also Mr. Oxly is accepting emails with any questions anyone may have about this.

“My class was the 10th graduating class, for it was the class of ’76, eldest of  seven Chargers,” committee member John Halloran said.  “We were the bicentennial year. As a family, we pretty much did it all:  ROTC, football, drill team, band, majorette, National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, parliament, and now we’re planning our 40 year reunion.”

Churchill didn’t always have the 8000 and 3000 buildings.

“I have watched the school and the area grow and mature over the years,” 1970 graduate Richard Norris said. “From a few buildings sitting in a cow pasture off a two lane semi-dirt road, to what it has become today, and can still proudly call Churchill my alma mater.”

The school won state championships in football, volleyball, gymnastics, and golf all  in the first few years it opened, along with an award-winning band and drama group.

“It was so magical because we had such a large area to draw from and got such a fun mix of students,” fourth grade teacher Tracey Moreno said. “I am so proud to be a part of the 50th

birthday of WC. Our reunions are always packed because we all still care about each other. I am so proud of my connection to Churchill and feel lucky that it has been a sweet part of my life.”

Prom Bids

Flyer filled with information about prom bids.

Prom Bids flyers are posted all around campus to inform students of when bids are on sale and also includes the date Prom will be taking place.

By Destiny Frias

Prom bids will be sold this week during all three lunches. Starting from Monday, March 21 through Thursday, March 24, single bids will cost $35, and couple bids will cost $65. From Monday, March 28 through Thursday, March 31 single bids will cost $40, and couple bids will cost $70. Any tickets sold at the door will be $60 per person. All the money earned from the bids sold will go to pay for prom decorations, center-pieces, shirts, and sashes.

A lot of hard work and dedication has been put into prom by the junior class officers and sponsors.

“We’re preparing prom by finding sets, sponsors, senior superlatives, and just setting the whole thing up,” junior class officer Jules Alva said. “All of these things are helping to make sure this will be a memorable prom for the juniors and seniors.”

This year’s theme “A Starry Night” was voted on and selected by the junior class officers.

“The officers throw out idea’s to the sponsor’s, and everyone votes their two favorite themes,” junior class sponsor Brooke Morrow said. “Whichever gets the most votes wins.”

Junior class sponsor Meagan Ramsey is convinced that students will favor this year’s prom theme.

“I think the student’s will love how classy and elegant our set-up is; it’s not just some cliche theme,” Ramsey said. “We’ve taken a little spin on it, so it’s more original.”

Prompting Prom

By Caprice Panozzo

junior Emily Gonzalez asks fellow junior John Glasscock to Prom 2016

junior Emily Gonzalez asks fellow junior John Glasscock to Prom 2016

It’s that time of year again, and prom season is here for students at Churchill. Prom is coming up on April 2 and will be held in Alzafar Shrine Auditorium at 8 p.m. In the meantime, students are quickly coming up with their plans for the event and elaborate promposals.

“I proposed with an ENO hammock because he had been wanting one,” junior Emily Gonzalez said. “I was sitting in it, and he drove up and saw me. I had a sign that said ‘Will you hang with me at prom’.”

Though the proposal was interesting, she’s more excited for the actual event.

“I’m looking forward to dressing up and hanging out with my friends on the party bus we rented,” Gonzalez said.

Another proposal was done outside of the 8000 building featuring a poster saying ‘Will you take a shot with me’ and a basketball cake.

“I asked Alex Estrada who is on varsity for basketball; I wanted his proposal to incorporate basketball,” senior Kim Mata said. “I am so excited for prom becuase it going to be a time where I can get dressed up, have fun with  my friends, and have a cool prom date. It’s my senior year, so I’m looking forward to having a great night.”

Others are spending their time trying to make everything go smoothly, including the proposal.

“I was walking into the band hall, and my date was standing there with my friends surrounded by balloons that had ‘Prom?’ written on them while Love on top by Beyonce played,” sophomore Ethan Kuderer said. “I hate surprises, so I helped her plan it, but it was still exciting, and I think prom will be, too.”

One unique proposal even involved a live magic trick.

“Max is a magician, and I decided to ask him to prom by writing on one of his cards I stole,” junior Julie Greene said. “I took the card he was using for the trick and switched it out with the card that said ‘Will you be my king to prom’.”

It was all a surprise, and even featured on WCTV.

“He was slightly confused but caught on and was shocked! He said yes,” Greene said.

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