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Winston Churchill High School Pep Squad

Winston Churchill High School Pep Squad

By Hannah Clark

The Pep Squad will partake in the ShowMakers of America competition held on Saturday, March 5 at O’Connor High School.

“I think they will do amazing at this competition,” senior and pep officer Madeline Harrison said. “The talk tapes and the critiques they took really well and now it’s just the final push.”

The Pep Squad also participated in an all-day competition at McNeil High School in Round Rock, Texas. On Saturday, Feb. 20, which was the first time the Pep Squad took the competition floor together as a team.

“I was nervous, but when I got on the floor I had fun,” freshman Jillian Jones said. “And the more I preformed the less nervous I became.”

The girls placed second in all three dances such as jazz, military, and pom. They only competed against the Johnson Pep Squad.

“We could have done better, but we were nervous, and we were only going against Johnson,” sophomore Mabry Page said. “In two weeks at ShowMakers of America, we will do better.”

The girls used the 2-hour bus ride there and back to bond by listening to music and telling stories.

“On they way back I fell asleep on Regan [Guerrero] lap while listening to music,” Page said.

With the help of officers from the Lancer Dancers and pep instructor Nicole Casey, pep as a team has grown.

“Most of them have never danced in their life before pep squad, and now they are doing skills that a dancer would do, and it’s pretty impressive,” Casey said. “They look like rock stars.”

All of the long practices have really payed off for the girls on pep.

“[The practices] have helped because all the cleaning and holding positions have helped us with muscle memory,” Page said

The officers are proud at how far the team has come.

“I loved watching them come together as a team and work together instead of individually,” Harrison said.


Churchill High School seniors Emily Kendrick and Alfred Gomez won first place in the Las Casas Performing Arts Scholarship Competition on May 19, and were each awarded a $5,000 scholarship. Thirty-five schools in the South and Central Texas region had students take part in the competition this year. The event was held in front of an energized crowd at the Charline McCombs Empire Theater where finalists performed in front of a panel of performing arts professional judges.


Brandon Lewis and his video technology teacher, Robin Morriss (left), accept the award from SAPD Chief McManus.

NEISD website

Churchill High School students were the only finalist in SAPD’s “Say Something Save A Life” citywide video contest from North East ISD. The top three videos were shown at the Talons game June 8 in the Alamodome. The Churchill crew captured third place in the contest. Incoming senior, Brandon Lewis, accepted the award on behalf of his team—Daniel Rosengard, Jack Friedrichsen and Zachary Smith—who could not make it due to graduation.

“The students had a chance to showcase everything they have learned in video production to create several entries in the contest. The winning video from Churchill used a “ghosting” effect,” said Robin Grevelle-Morriss, Churchill video teacher.

“Say Something Save a Life” was a concept that came to Chief William McManus while he was talking with a group of high school students after a couple of back to back tragedies that occurred in the community. Chief McManus wants to encourage teens to speak up when they see something that could save a life. Words have the potential to save lives; the trick is you have to “Say Something.”

“We realized that one of the most powerful communications tools to reach teens is other teens,” said Chief McManus. “It’s definitely no secret that kids are just more apt to listen to other kids. Very soon after the contest was launched, Ms. Morriss and the group from Churchill jumped on board. They submitted several entries of a high caliber. Their poignant messages will undoubtedly save lives.”

From Book to Movie


“The book is always better than the movie” is a common saying, but, depending on what he/she plans to get out of his/her downtime this may not be true. Managing to condense a novel that would take days to read into a mere two hours is quite a feat. Movies are a good alternative for those who don’t want to spend hours, days or even weeks with their nose in a book so it can be rather convenient for those who do not have the time to dedicate to pages of words.

While there is always something lost in translation, there can also be something gained from the visual manifestation of the book. For those that have trouble envisioning a world that is not their own, it could be entirely beneficial. The characters are created to be appealing to the audience, no thought required. The set requires no fantastic, flowery description and is crystal clear, no miscommunications between the writer and the watcher.

It doesn’t matter how good the movie is, most readers will find something to complain about, the set, the makeup, the cast. Since the imagination is what guides the reader through the book it’s reasonable for the majority of the reading population to conceptualize the author’s work differently. However, there are some movies that didn’t even come close the viewers’ fantasies, one of which being the Twilight Saga. IMDB users ranked it at a low 5.4, New Moon at 4.5, and Eclipse at 4.7 and Rotten Tomatoes had very little good to say about all three movies.


Here is a short list popular books turned movies coming soon to theaters:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – November 18, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – December 21, 2011

We Bought a Zoo – December 23, 2011

The Lorax (Dr. Seuss) – March 2, 2012

The Hunger Games – March 23, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – June 22, 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – November 16, 2012

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