Shakespearean Festival Travels to Churchill

Students and teachers at Churchill were thrilled to get involved with a Shakespearean Festival last Tuesday, May 1st to spread their love for Shakespearean literature and the time period overall.

One teacher who helped create the whole meet was history teacher Stephanie Carrier, who thought her favorite part of the festival were the guys who really got themselves involved with roleplaying within the time period.

“You usually see a lot of girls get into the costumes during these kind of festivals,” said Carrier.” So its impressive to see the guys actually get dressed up and into it.”

Although turn out was spectacular, many students had no idea a festival was even taking place during the lunches.

“I wish I was able to hear more about it before it actually started,” freshman Katherine Williams stated. “I would’ve loved to get more involved if I saw more about it around the school.”

Even so, many students want to see if anything similar would come up soon. It being this year or the next.

“If anything like this festival were to happen again I’d definitely do it,” freshman Emily Barrozo said. “It looks fun and I want to see what they’ll do next.”

Choir Banquet

The Choir Banquet is an all formal event and has a fancy dinner for all the choir students meet up. Get your dresses ready and tuxedo’s dry cleaned because the banquet is approaching on May 25,2018.

Sophomore, Victoria Castaneda, will be attending this exclusive event along with her fellow choir classmates and we would like to know how they prepared for this.

“We don’t exactly prepare, but for one day in class we vote for candidates for awards they will be receiving,” Castaneda said.

The Choir Banquet has been going on for a few good years and this will be the first time for some people. Freshman Mia Valdez will be attending choir banquet for the first time.

“My first choir banquet will be great. I just know it, like I’ve done so much hard work for choir and I’m positive this will be a good turn out.”

Everyone has to look their best at a banquet and we know choir students can have outstanding outfits along with their performance. Dress to impress is the key for most of the choir students even to sophomore, Margret Josephson.

“Finding a good outfit does have its ups and downs but in the end, you find the right fit for the event. My outfit contains of a dress and high heels.”

The choir banquet should be a blast full of fun. With all these cool and unique styles the students bring will definitely brighten up this event.


Time for Change


     JROTC’s Drill Team competes at Nationals on May 5, 2018 and May 6, 2018 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the team and I to set the tone for future members,” commander Vanessa Boese said.

Making it to nationals did not come at an easy price. This is year both teams did not have enough cadets to participate and decided to have the first ever mixed team.

“The mixed teams are a way to show that even though we were going through troubled times, we preserved and accomplished great things,” sophomore Sir Larre Dolberry said.

The team enjoys competing as a mixed team.

“The drill teams haven’t been to Florida in eight years, but once we mixed, it was like another door opened and we’ve been successful ever since,” sophomore Macie Morris said. “Having a mixed team bought us closer together.”

With a strong team, anything is possible.

“Not a lot of people believed that the mixed teams would ever be successful, but we are proving that nothing is impossible.”

Prep, Prep, Prep, for the AP Test


Starting May 7th, Churchill seniors, juniors, and sophomores will take various AP tests, to earn college credit.

“I am in AP English 3, AP U.S. History, and AP Government,” Chad Hamman, junior, said, “Like most people, I feel stressed out, but everything seems O.K., as of right now.”

Not only is AP testing stressful, it’s has a price. In addition to 30 dollars per test, many students have purchased AP prep books to use for studying.

“I purchased 3 AP books for Chemistry and World History,” Isabelle Warrington, sophomore, said, “‘500 Questions to Know by Test Day’, the ‘Princeton Review for AP Chemistry’, and ‘5 Steps to a 5’.”

If you pass an AP test, you can earn college credit, which is a big incentive for students at Churchill.

“I’m in an AP class because of the curriculum, how in depth it goes, and I’m also trying to prepare for further classes,” Trinity Shuler, sophomore, said, “it’s college credit, its perfect.”

Some normal classes will be relocated during the week, so check with your teachers if you aren’t testing. If you are testing, make sure to get a good nights sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. Good Luck!