UIL Practice Concert

On Tuesday February 12, the Churchill Orchestra’s performed all of their UIL music for their parents and friends. UIL, which stands for University Interscholastic League, provides contests for extracurricular activities. As orchestra is an extracurricular course, it is included in UIL, and it’s one of the biggest competitions all year. When you arrive to the UIL competition room, you play in front of three judges who have a microphone to speak into. The judges will tell you everything they liked about the way the orchestra performed and the parts that they think needed some work. This contest means a lot to everyone in orchestra, especially the directors, so it’s always good to have a practice run to see where everyone is. That “practice run,” so to speak, was the concert yesterday. The orchestra students got dressed up in their black suits and dresses like usual and sat down to perform their pieces, all while people in the audience were recording them and making notes to themselves about the overall sound of the orchestra. No matter how well the orchestra’s do at the actual contest, they have still put in lots of hard work and effort to get to where they are today, and that is extremely commendable.