Sci Fi Fantasy Club

Sci-Fi/Fantasy club started with their first meeting October 4th, with president Rachel Berntsein. “We wanted to have a club that would allow students who are fans of Sci-Fi/fantasy to get together and share what they’re watching or reading with other peopl,” said Bernstein.” We’re thinking about trying to have movie nights once a month.” If you are interested in joining the Sci-Fi/Fantasy club, talk to Ms.Jones in the Library.

Young Democrats Club

Young Democrats had their first meeting October 6th in Mr. Carlos’s room. Discussion included a few ideas about volunteering for the Bexar County Democrats, getting the Mayor to speak with the club, and having a debate at the end of the year with the Young Republicans Club. Talk to Mr. Carlos in room A107 if you want to join.

Haven for Hope Transforms Lives

Homelessness in Texas has increased 15.9% since 2008. Haven for Hope is a non- profit organization that helps the homeless transform their lives to try and eliminate some of the people that have to live on the streets.

“Haven for Hope has definitely changed the way I look at my life,” Janet Salinas said. ” Seeing the way that these people get so happy when they come to us is a feeling like no other.”

People are always needed to volunteer at Haven for Hope to help them with serving food to the guests. They currently have an event, Point in Time Count 2012 on January 24, 2012 that helps fight homelessness and raise money so they can get out of their desperate situations. With the help of volunteers they can feed many more homeless people than before. If anyone is interested in volunteering they can go to and click on the volunteer tab. They have many opportunities for anyone wanting to lend a hand.


Save Savrola

As the years go on it is becoming more and more apparent that recognition of the arts in high school are dwindling. The arts have become a victim of the budget cuts this year and unfortunately Savorla, which was a great asset to the creative side of school, has been dropped.

“Savrola is an award winning art magazine, one of the top in the nation,” Savrola Advisor Benny Del Castillo said.

Savrola was a great asset to the school, it started out very small but it was gaining publicity, Savrola was cut while it was in its prime.

“I’m nervous for it being only after school,” Emilie Stillwagon, a former savrola member, said.

Through out the year the team works to find interesting poems, photographs, and art to put into the magazine. They hold contests to promote student work in Savrola and the second semester they start to design the magazine. The work load is heavy and even with hour long classes, the majority of the members end up staying after school, coming in the morning, or even working during lunch to design the magazine. It will be difficult to keep up with the workload this year.

Not only was Savrola a great activity for students but it was open to everyone.

“You don’t have to make the teams, any one can belong.” Savrola advisor Erin Voss said. Savrola was a welcoming group of people committed to their duties, it gave kids a place to be, open up and make new friends. Del Castillo shared with me stories about how many shy students came out of their shell and were able to share their talents ideas.

“I was working with some of the most interesting and creative students,” Del Castillo said.

Savrola is a fun place to be, they not only create the unique magazine they also host the open mic blue light in the Black Box Theatre. Also this year they are sponsoring a talent show April 21st. Savrola was cut, just like so many more important art programs that should be recognized.

“This year is going to be a challenge we can over come,” said Voss, “I believe that one hundred percent, save savrola.”