5 Local Favorite Places to Mountain Bike in San Antonio

These 5 spots are considered some of locals’ favorites places to pedal through trails in the city.

By Michael Montes

Given that you have a basic knowledge of how to ride a bike, as well as access to a mountain bike, mountain biking can be a great and easily accessible way to stay in shape. It’s an activity that anybody can enjoy as mountain biking locations can be found nearly anywhere, and San Antonio is no exception with its treasured trails.

One of the city’s favorites, McAllister Park is beloved by many cyclists who call San Antonio home. It has flat, dirt trails for everyone from beginner to expert riders that allow for some speed when biking. The trees that canopy the trails provide shade to stay cool when out biking, and the natural wildlife that surrounds them can create a serene environment.

Close to campus, Hardberger Park is an easily accessible location. It has gravel and dirt paths ideal for biking, as well as paved concrete and asphalt trails, making the options endless. The park offers paved concrete and asphalt trails if you want to kick  back and cruise, but it also has more secluded and fast-paced gravel and dirt trails ideal for mountain biking when adventure is on your mind.

Off of Bandera Road, O.P. Schnabel Park is claimed to be one of the best mountain biking spots in San Antonio. Many locals consider the location their favorite place to mountain bike in the city. The park has over 200 acres of various nature trails and ball fields perfect for a variety of outdoor activities.

Connected to Hardberger Park, and also near Churchill, the Salado Creek Greenway is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. It has multiple access points throughout the North East Independent School District of San Antonio, and consists of large paved trails as well as off-road dirt trails specifically intended for mountain biking.

Laying in the Hill Country on the outskirts of San Antonio, Government Canyon State Natural Area is full of rugged trails and terrain, with over 40 miles of trails. While the location provides trails suitable for beginners, it also has trails that prove challenging and even frustrating to experienced riders, according to locals. The park is full of lush greenery and breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country’s calming complexion. However, you must reserve day and site passes prior to arriving unless you plan to drive back home.

Out in the Hill Country, you may find rugged and challenging terrain to ride, and in the city the trails may be more tame for a broader preference of challenge. San Antonio is full of miles of winding trails and lush wildlife and scenery, all that’s left to do is to get out there and experience it for yourself.


Government Canyon State Natural Area provides scenic views and opportunity for adventure on its trails.


Photo courtesy of mtbproject.com