Going The Distance

By Amanda Moreno

In almost every sport, when someone messes up, their punishment is usually running, but what happens when the sport IS running?

There are big expectations for the cross country team , with a new coach, harder workouts and higher goals, they have every intention to succeed.

Coach Lowell, head coach of the XC team, knew  by coming here she was coming into a highly respected school and taking on  a team that was ready to work hard and push each other to do their very best.

“I admire our workouts, and how hard everybody tries during practice. What you do during practice is what shows in competition,” Lowell said. But it isn’t that easy. No one likes to wake up at the crack of dawn, especially before the sun is up.

“I feel sleep deprived, as I’m sure everybody else on the team does. It’s not easy waking up so early!” Lowell joked.

Alex Fazzone, a senior and also captain of the boy’s varsity  team, believes they have the capability to go all the way to State.

“We’re training really hard this year, our main goal is making State, and winning,” Fazzone, who is doing all he can to prepare himself for State, said. “I run about, 45 miles a week, give or take.”

His advice to people interested in joining cross country? “Start running now, be tough, and NO walking!”

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