Crowd Pleasers

Junior and next years’ Grenadier Drill Team Co-Commander Melanie Coronado talks about how she feels about dancing. By performing dances for the student body on Friday May 4th and Saturday May 5th in the Churchill theater, Melanie and the Grenadier Drill Team celebrate the art of dance.

Coronado says preparing for Dance Celebration was well worth the hours of practice.

“Preparing for Dance Celebration was really fun,” Coronado said. “It took a lot of work and dedication but in the end it was worth the long hours because I got to see how pumped we made the crowd when we did cool skills and things they didn’t expect us to. I love to dance and they love to watch us dance. It’s a win win.”

Junior Sidney Garza, a member of the Grenadier Drill Team, also says she loves to dance for a crowd.

“It makes me feel really good,” Garza said. “I love that I get to show all my friends how much dance really means to me by putting on a show for them.”

More specifically, Junior Destiny Frias, also a member of the Grenadier Drill Team, shares her love of dancing for her friends.

“I love to Dance in front of my friends,” Frias said. “It makes me feel powerful and confident. I get to show the people closest to me just how hard I’ve worked to get there and how much it paid off and I love it.”

“I’m so excited to see how many people come to see us dance,” Coronado said. “It always great to visually see just how many people support our team and what we do. It’s so humbling and I can’t wait to show everyone what we’re bringing to the stage this celebration.”


A Hole in One

Boys and girls golf teams move onto Regionals

Boys and girls golf teams will be competing at Regionals on Monday, April 24, Tuesday, April 25, Wednesday, April 26, and Thursday, April 27. Regionals will take place at the Republic Golf Club here in San Antonio.

“As a team I think we did pretty well,” Pavlik said. “We accomplished a big one of our goals this year, and that was to beat Reagan and get out of District, and we did both. The season is going well. We’ve had a number of wins as well as personal bests being shot. Right now, we are preparing for the regional tournament, April 24-27, and looking to get out and head to State.”

Last week, both teams competed in Districts at The Republic Golf Club. Girls competed on Monday, April 10 and Tuesday, April 11, and boys competed on Wednesday, April 12 and Thursday, April 13. Senior Victoria Pavlik took home first place, and senior Jessi Goodman took home third place for the girls team overall. For the boys team, senior Steven Salinas took home third place for the boys team overall. The girls team brought home first place as a team and boys brought home second place as a team.

“I think it went great,” Goodman said. “The seniors shot great scores for their final District tournament, and the strong sophomore class helped propel us to Regionals.”

Golf coach Jeff Sweet is excited to have both teams going and competing in Regionals because the last time both teams went to Regionals was way back in 2015.  

“Yeah, both teams going is kind of fun because you know all year long they kind of pull for each other,” Sweet said. “Our guys show up at our girls tournaments and our girls show up at our guys tournaments to watch, and it’s really good that the entire program gets to advance to Regionals, and hopefully we can play well and do the same thing for State.”

Sweet believes that the team shot very well this season.
“The girls played really well with everyone shooting in the 70’s so to win district was a very good accomplishment for the girls,” Sweet said. “As for the boys, probably going into Districts on paper we may have been ranked third in the district based on the scores for the year.” By Julie Greene