Spike and Dive: New and Successful

Coach Guest is new to our school, and to teaching. But being new hasn’t stopped her from getting involved. Along with teaching four class periods, she is the assistant volleyball and girls soccer coach.

“I’ve been coaching longer than I’ve been teaching, so I definitely feel more comfortable coaching,” she said, “but I don’t think I can say I like one more than the other.”

The volleyball team is having an outstanding season so far with a running tally of 21-3.  Coach Guest sees a lot of improvement in the team.

“I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon,” she said.

She is looking forward to meeting the soccer team when the season starts. So far, she’s been enjoying getting to know the volleyball girls.

“They are a joy to be around and to coach, and some of my best laughs come from practice or volleyball class period.”

But coaching is only half of Coach Guest’s job. She also teaches sophomore World History.

“All types of history intrigue me. In high school math and science were my favorite subjects, but when I got to college and started taking the higher level classes history started to interest me more,” she said.

She earned her BA in Sociology from Trinity University to “learn more about human interaction and societal development.” She also played volleyball at Trinity and was a member of Gamma Chi Delta sorority. After graduating, she returned to Trinity to earn her Master’s in teaching. She spent the first half of last school year interning at Jackson Middle School and the other half at MacArthur High School.

On the first day of her teaching career, Coach Guest admits she was anxious.

“I was mainly nervous about knowing the school atmosphere and environment,” she said.

Coach Guest has now made it through the start of the year and has successfully launched her teaching career.

“I’m having a great time and experience so far. Everyone’s help and support has made this first seven weeks so much easier.”

Orchestra performs Peter and the Wolf

The music department has been buzzing with activity. While the band shows off its marching show every football game, people shouldn’t overlook what the orchestra has accomplished.

As in years past in November, the orchestra performs Peter and the Wolffor elementary school children as a way to get them interested in strings. Select orchestra members dress up and act out the parts of the story, and others play the music to go along with the play. Coker, Oak Meadow, Larksburg, and Huebner elementary schools came to watch this charming interpretation.

The group was also very successful at Regionals.  

“Mr. Thibodeaux pretty much expects most of orchestra three and four to make region chairs,” Erik Van Dyke, junior, said.  And for the first time, the orchestra entered the State Honors Orchestra competition. The competition involved orchestras all over Texas. The orchestra planned to submit a tape of their best recordings for entry.

“We’ve been preparing since the first day of school,” Sophia Nikas, junior, said.

Their tape included Mahler’s ‘Adagietto’ and Tchaikovsky’s ‘Serenade for Stings’ among other notable pieces.

“If we make top ten it would be really, really good,” Van Dyke said.

With high hopes and even higher expectations, the orchestra prepares for another great year of competitive and performing musical arts.

Boys Varsity Basketball ready for the Spring Season

Doc1The varsity boy’s basketball team looks to be off to a great start as they kick off their season. Practices have required the utmost amount of energy from each player as the team begins to set its mind on future games.

Junior and player Scott Mammel is part of this grueling preparation. “Our team is getting better every day by hard work and dedication,” Mammel said. “This year will be the best team the school has had in years.”

The team also consists of a group of six senior leaders, which includes Doug Slattery, Clark Lammert, Jacob Woods, Derek Salas, Evan Barnes, and Johnathon Clark.

Slattery, in particular, has shown enthusiasm for the upcoming season, which began November 15.“We are a relentless massive force,” Slattery said. “I’m really excited to see what we can do.”

The official schedule for the spring season sport can be found on the NEISD athletics web page.

“We are striving for success,” Slattery said, “and we won’t stop until we achieve it.”

Reagan Graduate Converted

Ms. Armer, a graduate of Reagan High School, is a new teacher gradually reworking her once negative impression of Churchill.

“In high school, we hated you guys. But things are pretty much the same here as they were there,” she said. After nine weeks of school, she has found that everyone is “very nice and courteous.”

Ms. Armer was born in Denver, Colorado but moved to San Antonio when she was in fourth grade. She likes the heat of San Antonio better than the cold climate and high altitude of Denver.

“San Antonio is just a nice city to live in. The people are so nice and cordial,” she said.

Though she does not remember much from living in Denver, she does remember watching the Denver Broncos play football. She and her family used to watch the football games every Sunday.

“It was a fun family activity,” Armer said.

Before deciding to teach math, she considered being a veterinarian or a chemical engineer like her older brother. She stuck with math, however, and is now teaching Algebra II Pre-AP. In high school, her Junior year Pre-Calculus teacher helped her realize that she wanted to become a math teacher.

“I like math because there’s always a right answer and the calculator does a lot of the work for you,” Armer said.

She attended Texas State University, which is in San Marcos, because it had the best teaching program. After graduating from TSU, she taught as an Undergraduate Instructional Assistant and Classroom Manager for Precalculus, Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 courses.  She taught at San Marcos High School for two years before moving to San Antonio and getting a job here. Her college experience overall was fun.

“I got a dog,” Armer said.

She still has her dog, Niko, and enjoys going to the dog park with him in her free time. She also enjoys hiking, camping, biking, climbing and painting.

She wants to complete the Secondary Master’s Degree program from the University of Texas and is currently in the application process. In the future, she would like to become a dean with this further education.

One more interesting fact?

“I’m afraid of geese,” she said.