Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is officially kicking off the  year with the introduction of  its President Alexis Pala, Vice President Allie Jensen and group sponsor Mr. Bloomer.  All leaders of the group have shown enthusiasm for the year ahead as they begin their agenda-planning process of upcoming events.

“We plan to have really chill meetings on two Thursdays every month at about 7:30 at night,” Pala said. “We will be able to plan games like soccer tournaments and ultimate Frisbee games.”

There are officers to represent each sport who can present ideas and goals for this year and spread the word of Christianity.

“We want the meetings to be more intimate and student-lead,” Pala said.

Although Pala’s passion about FCA and Christianity is evident now, she says it did not always hold her interests in this way. In fact, a friend and graduate last year introduced her to an FCA camp, and it was the start of Pala’s desire to spread the word of God.

“I went in thinking it wasn’t going to do anything,” Pala said. “It showed me His plan for me to influence others.”

Pala also says the group is not just for athletes, but for the entire student body.

“We need to heal the people’s hearts that need it,” she said, “just like God did to mine when I didn’t think anyone would or could.”

Parliament Plans for Homecoming

As  the Halloween season nears, so does one of the school’s most valued traditions: the Homecoming dance.  Even though the finalized date for the dance is October 16, Parliament has been working on the plans  since the first stay of school.

Prime Minister Clark Lammert has been a part of such planning, and has shown enthusiasm for the unique decorations expected at this year’s dance.

“I’m excited for all the crazy decorations,” Lammert said. “We’re even trying to see if we can get a strobe light approved.”

Among these decorations will be splattered paint of all neon colors, six-foot alien balloons on stage, and alien suits for the chaperones.

When it comes to the pricing of such material, Lammert says he’s not too worried.

“With the money we get back from people buying the tickets, we don’t usually ever go over,” Lammert said.

Parliament has worked hard  and will soon be ready to show off their work on Homecoming night.

“We’ve ordered a lot of stuff and have a DJ lined up,” Lammert said. “We’re just ready to put it into action.”

Parliament wishes to encourage students to contribute to the music playlist that will be played by the DJ by posting their favorite artists/songs on the Parliament Facebook group’s page.

Fall Comedy In The Works

Excitement in the arts has begun to stir as the theatre program starts rehearsals for their fall production of The Learned Lady by Moliere. According to Mr. Stevens, the head of the theater department, it is a French comedy about a con man who moves in with an average family.

Open auditions were held the second week of school, and auditioning students had to present a monologue by Moliere. Even though this was stressful for the students, many were very pleased when the cast list was released. The main role of the poet con man will be played by Joey Casseb who is thrilled about the show.

“When I saw the cast list, I was excited to work in such a wonderful show,” Casseb said.

As for the rest of this year, Mr. Stevens  said  the program’s ultimate goal is to “win everything”, and he is also confident that they will go to State for the UIL one act play. He is very excited to now be working alongside Mr. Young, the new theater teacher, who Stevens describes as, “wonderful.”

Anyone interested in seeing The Learned Lady, can come out on November 3-5 at seven p.m, or November 6 at two thirty or seven p.m. Tickets will be sold for $7.

The department’s next show will be the winter production of The Sound of Music. Auditions will begin immediately after the fall play is finished.

Looking for a Space Jam Date?

Finding a date for the first dance can often be confusing and scary especially for freshmen. We polled a few of the faculty to get their opinions and advice on how to move forward.

  • Mrs. McDaniel- “Deodorant.”
  • Mr. Fuch’s- “Go up and ask.”
  • Mrs. Mayer- “Flirt with the boy/girl you like.”
  • Mrs. Gonzalez- ” Take a bath.”
  • Mrs. Griffith- “Pass them a note from a secret admirer.”
  • Mr. Kellog- ” Ask a lot of people.” “… you  could take their sister’s.”
  • Mr. Stevens- “Be bold, follow your impulses…go for it.”
  • Mrs. Clark- (chuckles) “Lie about your age.”
  • Mr. Carlos- “tell ’em you know me.”
  • Mrs. Pelletier- “Why you have to play games? Just ask!”
  • Mrs. Hogan- “Hygene! Try to be more mature than you really are.”