The golf team is coping with many new changes concerning practice times and schedule changes.During the summer, in preparation for the  year,  the members had a few obligations to the team.

“We asked them to play at least 10 competitive rounds to help improve their play,” Coach Spivey said.

By the way things turned out at the boys first tournament, the extra dedication is paying off.

“The team is an  improved young group with much potential who can even get to State if they work at it,” Spivey said, when discussing that the main goal of  taking the boys and girls teams all the way to State.

Even with all the optimism, the new schedule is causing the golf team to adapt in ways they haven’t had to in the past. Practice time suffers forcing the kids to start earlier and end later. They also had to break down into a JV period and varsity period adding some new challenges, however they refuse to be discouraged.

“Our returning varsity is coming back with better experience and should be much improved as individuals and as a whole,” Spivey said.

The first girls’ tournament will be the Texas Shootout hosted by NEISD at the Silver Horn golf course October 15-16. Fans can help support them by purchasing tickets for the tournament as well as signing up for the Putt for Dough contest later on in the year.

Going The Distance

By Amanda Moreno

In almost every sport, when someone messes up, their punishment is usually running, but what happens when the sport IS running?

There are big expectations for the cross country team , with a new coach, harder workouts and higher goals, they have every intention to succeed.

Coach Lowell, head coach of the XC team, knew  by coming here she was coming into a highly respected school and taking on  a team that was ready to work hard and push each other to do their very best.

“I admire our workouts, and how hard everybody tries during practice. What you do during practice is what shows in competition,” Lowell said. But it isn’t that easy. No one likes to wake up at the crack of dawn, especially before the sun is up.

“I feel sleep deprived, as I’m sure everybody else on the team does. It’s not easy waking up so early!” Lowell joked.

Alex Fazzone, a senior and also captain of the boy’s varsity  team, believes they have the capability to go all the way to State.

“We’re training really hard this year, our main goal is making State, and winning,” Fazzone, who is doing all he can to prepare himself for State, said. “I run about, 45 miles a week, give or take.”

His advice to people interested in joining cross country? “Start running now, be tough, and NO walking!”

A Day At Chick-Fil-A

Since May of 2010 I have been working at the Chick-Fil-A located at Northstar Mall location. Working  there for almost five months  has shown me what it really is like to work in a fast food restaurant. As a 15 year old in my first job I was anxious and apprehensive about working with the cash register. With a week of successful training I managed to learn the 1-10 menu.

During this week full of adventure I met many friends. As time went on during the hot brewing summer many of those friends began to disappear. From then on I learned that people come and go so I no longer had any interest in gaining close relationships with other employee’s. I come to work, do my job, and leave.

Before I begin working I get the chance to enjoy free chicken nuggets, strips, and many other foods on the menu. With this I got to know what everything on the menu tastes like. I think it’s crazy how the nuggets and the strips taste different. I can’t explain what the taste difference is, but I can say that both the nuggets and strips are amazing.

Learning how to make tea was easy, but making lemonade was a challenge. We make freshly squeezed lemonade which means the lemonade has actual REAL lemons. So what we do is juice the lemons, add a certain amount of water and add sugar. Sounds easy but it’s not, but on the brighter side it gets easier with practice. I highly recommend Chick-Fil-A when looking for a first job. Easy money, great hearted managers, and amazing food! Chick-Fil-A will never disappoint.

Being an employee has truly changed my thoughts on a lot of things. At Chick-Fil-A we don’t say the infamous, “How can I help you?” instead we say the famous “How can I serve you?”. Personally saying “serving” reminds me of Matthew 20:28, “Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and give his life as a ransom for many.” To me it means Jesus did not come to earth to be served but to serve others.

Chick-Fil-A is no ordinary job, but a job with a positive personality. I’ve gained a servant’s heart and lost the heart to work for a living.

Up and Coming Concerts

By Amanda Moreno

With all the stress that comes with starting school, it’s nice to relax and let go. One of the most common ways to do that is through music, and with that comes concerts.

There are many concerts that are coming to or near the San Antonio area. For all those country folks out there, Carrie Underwood will be taking over the AT&T center on October 7. Along with Kevin Fowler at the Cowboys Dance Hall on November 27.

For those not really into all that honky tonk country stuff, Wiz Khalifa and Gorillaz will be visiting Austin soon enough. Wiz Khalifa on October 30 and Gorillaz on October 22.

To all the “Bielibers,” out there, Justin Bieber will be at the AT&T center November 5, but hurry! Those tickets are sure to sell fast.

Anyone looking for someone with spice in their blood and some ridiculously great dance moves, Shakira will be at the AT&T center on October 2, and Daddy Yankee will be in Corpus Christi on September 25.

Alternative fan? Well 3Oh!3, Hellogoodbye and The Secret Handshake other featured artists will rock Sunset station October 14.

Finally, Gaga is back! After having to cancel her tour last year when Kanye West decided to drop out of their collaboration, Lady Gaga is returning with her world tour “The Monster Ball.” After 6 number one hits, 63 awards and a countless amount of outrageous outfits, Gaga is sure shake the AT&T center March 15, 2011.