Driver’s Education Classes At Churchill

In high school, you go through major life events, both positive and negative. One major life event that is often seen in a positive light is finally learning how to drive. You now have a whole new type of freedom, the ability to get up and go, which is something many teenagers crave.

Driving courses are held at several of the NEISD high schools, Churchill included. There are two ways to register for them; manually, or online.  Online registration is quite simple, as all you have to do is fill out the contract, registration, and payment. Manual registration is very similar, with the only difference being that you can register in person, fax, or email (There is more information about that on the website, link listed below).

Of course, these classes aren’t free. NEISD is offering an amazing opportunity for students, one that will benefit them immensely. As a result, this program costs around $350.00. This number seems very high, but this includes in car and in class training.

You get 32 hours of classroom instruction. On top of that, you get 7 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and a minimum 7 hours of in car observation. If that doesn’t seem like it’s right for you, they also provide blended online/in car training, in car only programs, and classroom instruction only programs. As you can see, these courses are very flexible, as every student needs a different program so that they can be successful.

You must be 15 or older to participate in these programs, so don’t let this chance pass you by.  You can guarantee your newfound freedom, license in hand, all at your own high school.


Playoff Hopeful

The mighty Churchill football team has fought back from a 1-4 record to a good 4-5 record putting them in the spotlight of playoff hopefuls. Only losing one in the past four games, the chargers have one opponent left to play. The Roosevelt Rough Riders.

The chargers are usually victorious when matched up against the Rough Riders, but this matchup is so much more intense. With a win the chargers will end the season with a 5-5 record that will put them in the playoffs, but with a loss,  their season will end with broken hearts and regrets.

This seasons early struggles set the chargers back quite a bit, but they have fought  back with heart, sweat, and tears to get a shot to make the playoffs, and there is nothing stopping them besides themselves.


Orchestra Movie Night

  A movie night was held in the orchestra room on Tuesday, filled with lots of fun and laughter. This movie night wasn’t mandatory, but it was a fun thing for the different orchestras to do together.


     “You might meet some people, but you tend to stay in your own circle,” Ninth grader Kylee O’Dwyer said.


    These after school activities are a great way to meet others, but it’s completely okay to stick to the people that you know.The movie that the orchestra chose to watch was Hotel Transylvania; A very silly, fun movie that is perfect for this time of the year.


    “Me and my friend Jocelyn are going to go to Valero to get snacks,” Kylee O’Dwyer said.


    Though popcorn was provided for the students, many of them wanted to go and get their own treats. After all, a movie night wouldn’t be a movie night without piles of unhealthy, but delicious, food. The orchestra has had many get-togethers as of recent, which only proves that the orchestra can have fun too. Lots of what they do is work, but they always have time to let loose and hang out together.


    “More! Free food!” Kylee O’Dwyer said when asked if the orchestra should have more or less hangouts.

    These activities certainly are fun for those involved, and it helps solidify that family feeling that orchestra already has. Though orchestra is a tight knit family, they aren’t opposed to other students coming over to hang out as well.


    “You have to be invited by someone in orchestra to go,” Lauren Lusk said.


    So, if you hang out with any orchestra members, you too might be able to go to future movie nights and hangouts! They are always tons of fun, and you’ll undoubtedly make new friends as a result.


Rockstar in Class and on the Field

     Hard worker, caring, and of course fast, all describe cross country runner Danielle Peck. Peck has devoted years of practice and hard work to achieve the greatest of goals–qualifying for state as a Freshman!

    When asked what her immediate reaction was when she realized she was going to state, Danielle said she felt “excited and relieved that all the work paid off.” Danielle is the first to represent Churchill High School at the State level in the last five years. She says, “It is an honor to represent such an amazing school and to receive this at such a young age.”

     Her coaches are proud of Danielle and her accomplishment as well. Mr. Gueldner knew Danielle’s hard work would pay off, and he says he plans to be at her next competition to continue supporting her. When working with Danielle or any of our Churchill Cross Country team members, Mr. Gueldner said he hopes they “set challenging, but attainable goals and push each other to work hard to achieve it.”

     The Churchill Cross Country team is proud to have Danielle Peck representing our school, and Charger Nation can’t wait to see what she achieves in the future.