Titus Andronicus

On Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 4:30 and 7:00PM, the Churchill Theatre Department will have their opening night of the Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus. Although the Theatre Department has done many Shakespeare plays, this is their first attempt at a more sinister drama.

“Even if it’s pretty violent, I hope people still enjoy it,” Senior Carter Cabral said. “We’ve had a lot of fun putting this play together.”

They will also have shows on Thursday, Nov.8th at 4:30 and 7:30, and Monday, Nov.12 at 7:00PM.


Wurstfest, located in New Braunfels, Texas, is a unique annual celebration rich in German culture, focused on fellowship through the enjoyment of good food, music, and dancing with family and friends, One of the largest German cultural festivals in the U.S., Wurstfest started in 1961 as a way to celebrate local sausage makers, some of whom still provide thousands of links of sausage and other smoked meats for the event. (PRNewsFoto/Wurstfest Association)

   German club will be going to Wurstfest on Wednesday, November 7. If you’d like to attend or have any questions, go visit the German teacher Frau Steinmeier in room B110 in the ABC building. If you’d like to go to Wurstfest on another time, it will be from Friday, November 2 to Sunday, November 11. Tickets can be bought online at https://wurstfest.com/buy-tickets/ or at the gate.

Clash in The World Series

A clash between two dominant MLB teams turned out to be quite a quick series. In only five games the Red Sox beat the Dodgers 4-1.

In the first two games the Red Sox had no problem jumping to an early 2-0 lead. Beating LA 8-4 in game one and 4-2 in game two.

The craziest thing about the entire series was game three, that took 18 innings to decide a winner. It took about seven hours for the dodgers to pull out there only win of the series with a walk off home run by Max Muncy.

Steve Pearce was the standout player for the red sox in game four with four RBI’s and two runs as the Red Sox won 9-6.

Game five ended in celebration for the Boston community as the Red Sox won 5-1 and brought the world series back to Boston.

The Dodgers vs Red Sox rivalry will always be a tough matchup but in this case, Boston pulled it out when it was most important.

Orchestra Fall Concert

On Monday night, in the Lanny Naegelin Theatre, the Churchill Orchestra performed at their fall concert. This is the second concert that the orchestras have had, with the first being the highly anticipated Dinner Theatre.

“Dinner theatre was to prepare us for a real concert. I know that we’ll see others play and get the environment of what a concert is like,” Mehnaz Maureen said. Dinner Theatre helped ease many of the freshman students into orchestra, but in a really fun, creative way.

For three whole weeks, these orchestras have carefully crafted and perfected the songs they have to play. This included a couple of early practices, when all anyone wanted to do was get more sleep.

”I mean, I definitely wouldn’t say we practice too much, but we could practice more. Not overdo it like everyday or something though,” Drayla Darrough said.

Practice can be grueling for everybody, especially for those students that have other extracurricular activities to devote time and energy into. Nevertheless, practice makes perfect, and all of the orchestras really benefit from it. 

Concerts and performances are also very beneficial for those a little frightened to be on stage. “When the spotlight’s on us, it’s not as nerve wracking,” Kayla Tran said.

Orchestra really does help people overcome their fears or phobias. It makes it easier for many to perform in front of others, which is a necessary skill for any musician to have. “You get over stage fright,” Andrea Calvillo said.

The night of the concert, everyone was alight with excitement, including the audience. The girls straightened out their dresses, the boys fixed their ties. For many students, this was their first time wearing orchestra attire in high school, and that feeling is like no other.

(When putting the dress on) “I felt proud like “Yeah, I’m in the Churchill orchestra!” Mehnaz Maureen said.

These outfits, though seen by many as boring or plain, do hold lots of pride for these orchestra students. For some, receiving and wearing these garments makes them feel like they’re really a part of the orchestra family.

This is just the beginning for our orchestra, and everyone is ecstatic for the future concerts, performances, and overall great memories that will be made. No matter what is in the cards for them, they will certainly rise up to the occasion, proving time and time again that they are up for any challenge.