Our Modern Friendship

People don’t seem to look at each other any more. They don’t quite talk with the same voice. They don’t interact with the same vigor.

The perception of reality and priority has been so twisted by media, technology, and ignorance that people have become oblivious to the human connections they ignore. The idea of friendliness has certainly changed over generations, and it has quite possibly degenerated.

Human connections should be confirmed from the very first meeting. All around people see others that they know, but they will hardly ever approach these people. An antisocial mind-block occurs just before simple greetings like, “hello”. People might look straight at each other, each one entirely aware of who the other is, but neither will show signs of recognition. Its a concerning idea. The human connection is the main idea behind sociological interaction, andĀ  people areĀ  allowing it to be ignored. Even acquaintances should be friendly to each other, for only from that point are new friendships allowed to emerge. And even if friendship is in neither party’s interest, why should we suddenly ignore each other? It’s not thought of as offensive, but perhaps it should be. The people that surround us are our greatest resource.

People are talking about nothing. They shout out worthless thoughts on places like Facebook and Twitter, searching for a connection. People will respond, show an interest of course, but it’s not anything substantial. It’s not a real connection. It’s like small talk. Nothing true. It’s nothing of value. Just blurbs of nonsense.

Is this truly what friendship has become? Blurbs of nonsense? Just thoughts that open up nothing about the person at hand, but just what they had for lunch and what they’re doing this afternoon? Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to know what people are doing. It’s especially important to show an interest, but if we limit our communication to just this, our relationships will be empty. We need deeper friendships. People should value their connections with each other. In a search for meaning, this is surely the most meaningful thing yet to be found. In our relationships we learn about people, and this further defines ourselves. It’s important to understand people around us, and to be developing deeper connections all the time. It is these rich relationships that will develop into the valuable friendships that we need.