Kerri Walsh Comes To Garner

Are you a fan of Kerri Walsh, the famous volleyball player who enjoys playing voleyball?  If you’re in vollleyball then you got to  to see her.

On Monday 11/7/11, Kerri Walsh was here at Garner to visit our awesome volleyball girls who have accomplished the season. Most of the volleyball girls got her signature on anything that they had and felt special, she also helped the girls learn new volleyball moves and taught them her techniques/ to spike the ball . Leslie Velasquez(7) says that, “she loves Kerri Walsh and was happy when she came” and  thought being at the press conference and T.V. was really awesome and she was super hiper, she also got Kerri Walsh signature. Jessica Para(7)said, “she didn’t know who she was but then she regonized her from the internetand books” and also says she enjoyed being there at the press conference and was a little bit shy, she also did not get her autogragh. The other volleyball girls said it was super awesome seeing Kerri Walsh at Garner.

By: Mariah Estrada

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