Summertime Fun

Guess what’s coming up, guys and girls? Summer! What are y’all doing this summer? Spending time with family, going out of town, moving in with a friend, going to Six Flags, tanning at the beach, going to parties, summer cleaning, etc… Well whatever you do, live it up, because that’s the whole point of summer!

I interviewed Mercedes Whitby (8) about her summer plans. “This summer I’m going to Warped Tour and All-Stars with my best friends Kassandra, Ivy, Alexia, and Kathleen. It’s going to be so much fun spending my summer with them.” That sounds like fun. Especially since you’re spending it with best friend’s. Other sources I interviewed were Valerie Bustillo (8) & Latisha Talbert (8). “This summer of 2012, I’m going to live it up to the fullest! Going to a lot of parties, and hanging out with all my friends,” says Valerie Bustillo (8). Latisha Talbert (8) said, “Hmm, this summer I’m going to stay at my best friend’s house for probably half of the summer and then go to the beach and spend the rest of my summer with my family.”

Hopefully this summer, everyone enjoys it. I know I will enjoy it and I won’t regret anything.

By: Samantha Alonzo.

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