May 15, 2012

The Chancla Boom

For these past few months, styles have gone in and out of the fashion world, but the one style that stays put are chanclas. Even through winter they survived, and now that it’s spring the boom has gotten even bigger.

These shoes are worn from San Francisco to D.C., and are worn by nearly every girl out there. They’ve become a big thing even here in Garner. When I asked Nicole Siemek (8) when and where she wears hers, she replied, “I wear mine everyday… Except when it’s raining.”

Chanclas are on the feet of everyone every day. Valeria Licerio (8) boasted, “I wear mine on the weekends all the time,” and of course she wears them to school, too. This trend has hit it big, and is expected to keep it going. There are countless stores out there that sell these sandals, so buy them now and it’ll save you trouble later.

-By Mercedes