Halo 4 the Trilogy Continues

As some of you may know Halo 4 is coming out at $60 or at $100 for the limited edition version that includes a large box. Master Chief will finally make his reappearance on Xbox.

Tristen Sanchez of the 7th grade had this to say about why he is looking forward to Halo 4: “I’m looking forward to playing because Master Chief has a jetpack and I’m glad he didn’t die in Halo 3.”

Then there’s Christian Dreyer of the 8th grade who had commented on Halo 4’s biggest surprise Forerunners. , “It’s freaking hard to catch them and you have to have fast aiming.”

According to Zach Inscen (8) “I think the enemies are plain ugly.” So It looks like everyone is psyched about the Halo 4 game. Even with the challenges coming into the game you should have fun.

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