The Haunted Side of San Antonio

In the 1930’s, here in San Antonio, a bus filled with children was making its way down towards an intersection, when it stopped on railroad tracks. Suddenly, a speeding train smashed into the bus killing 10 of the kids and the bus driver. “I know a friend who went there and saw the actual smashed bus” Andrea Garoutte (7) explains. The haunted train tracks are a huge site for people who are looking for a good scare. Supposedly, if you put baby powder on the bumper of your car, and park on the railroad tracks the handprints of the children will appear on your car and push you out of harm’s way to prevent you from the same sad fate they went through. Whether you believe in paranormal entities or not, or you’re just interested in having a good scare; then the haunted railroad tracks of San Antonio are the perfect place for you to visit. Happy Halloween!

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14 thoughts on “The Haunted Side of San Antonio

  1. I’m not trying to upset the taker of the picture but that does look a little fake, because i’ve seen alot of ghost shows on T.V and they usually have photos like this and they can replicate it most of the time,but if it isn’t fake it’s a really got shot taken :).

  2. i dont think gohst are real at all. its all just fake it says that nikki is also a photographer she proubly just stuck a picture of on a background picture of a ghost

  3. » I’ve heard of this story. I was watching Paranormal Witness: Fact or Faked; something along those lines. Anyways, it was very creepy. Great article! «

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