Snack Apocolypse!

The Twinkie’s Death

Twinkies, HoHo’s, Snowballs, Suzy-Q’s, MiniMuffins, CupCakes, Donettes, Fruit pie, Zingers, and Wonder Bread are no more. Hostess brand announced that it was closing down on November 16, 2012. The most infamous snack in this list is of course the Twinkie. The iconic Twinkie has been in countless movies including Ghostbusters, ZombieLand, Die Hard, and Weird Al.

18,000 people will lose their jobs. Hostess blames the union workers for their bankruptcy because they went on strike, yet Hostess gave their top management an 80% raise.

  What are Yearlings thinking about what Hostess is doing? Nathen Mcardle (6) says, “They shouldn’t have gone bankrupt in the first place, they should still be making those snacks.” Hostess offered to sell their recipes to the highest bidding company. Kyle Eakle (6) believes, “It’s a great idea to sell them, because their snacks are good.” Although Hostess management seems pretty selfish, they got into the holiday spirit by donating most of their stock to the food bank.  James Syler thinks, “That’s great because there are families in need especially during the holidays.

No matter what Hostess does, Garner yearlings will always have a place in their heart for Hostess snacks.

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