Winter Boots

Brown Boots that match the leaves and are warm at the same time!

Winter Boots

By Ana Martinez and Ava Schweninger

Coats, scarves, hats, mittens, and hot coco are many things we use to warm ourselves when it’s cold. But something that is super popular, and stylish, is boots! Boots are a warm, fun way to express yourself in the winter, and still be warm. Here are some of Garner’s favorite boots recommendations for this winter!

Fuzzy “Uggs” to keep the feet warm!

Warm Boots

Fashionable cowboy boots forfunand warmth.

“I like to wear boots when its cold out side because they are warm and super comfy!” -Clara Rodriquez (8)

Carley Avery (8) says,”I wear my boots with PANDAS, not! Jeans!:)”

Warm, White boots for the holiday season.

Boots to have fun in and express your style with.



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