Here Comes Track Season

Now that basketball season is over it’s now time for track season! A lot of people want to join track, because they love to run.
Seventh and 8th grade boys and girls start Monday February, 25th at 4:30. There are many options if you don’t like running, there’s a bunch of field stuff you could do, like pole vault, long jump, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

When asked, if he is going to try out for track, Johnathan Estrada (7) had exclaimed, “Yes I am, but I’m doing it because my coach had recommended me because I’m fast.”

When asked what are some of the things she’s doing in track, Ambriance Scott says (7),”I’m doing the 1oo and 2oo meter run because I love to run.”
If you love running, we hope you’re at track practice.

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