Thinking Pink

Think Pink “Let’s beat down breast cancer. They need to find a cure and fast,” says Mrs. Ferree (7th grade math teacher). Breast Cancer is very serious. Almost 2,000 women die from breast cancer a year just in the United States alone.  Breast Cancer is a very bad illness and hopefully there will be a […]

A High Thrill Adrenaline Ride

Long boarding is an adrenaline powered high speed thrill ride sport! Long boarding got big in San Antonio 2013 because new long boarders and shops were opened. Bradley Bruno (7) a long boarder at GMS he says that long boarding is, “intense!” and Cody Krywoszej (7) is also a long boarder at GMS he says […]

What is UIL?

UIL competitions are similar to band or orchestra students going to a concert where they go to show off their skills.  UIL may seem boring and not cool, but some people like going to competitions studying math, calculator skills, dictionary skills, and social studies. They use their brains to generate awards.   “Honestly I joined […]